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history of richardson sales performance

Our History

We are a global sales performance improvement company formed from the merger of two leading companies, Richardson and Sales Performance International. For over 40 years, we have worked with the most inspiring organizations around the world to transform their sales organizations and drive them to outperformance through investment in the development of their revenue teams.

Where We Began

Richardson Sales Performance has deep roots in driving behavior change across a sales organization through our expert work in sales competencies, assessments, skill development and ongoing reinforcement. Our approach to customization and partnership with our customers has ensured that our solutions drive the specific selling outcomes each unique customer seeks.

Where We're Going

Our curriculum has grown from foundational selling courses to over 200 modules aimed at helping sellers find, win and grow business. Our sales management curriculum gets to the heart of driving high-performing sales teams. Our delivery, which began with intensive, application-based workshops has grown to an industry-leading blended offering where sellers and sales managers can learn when and where it works best for them to drive long-term results. We have a relentless focus on driving impact as we continue building our data lake to offer world-class benchmarking data and performance analytics to our customers.

The Team Driving our Success

Over the years we have attracted a team of talented, sales-savvy professionals who show up every day ready to help our customers and their sales teams raise the bar. Our facilitators are a talented group of sales leaders themselves who dedicated their professional lives to helping others build selling skills and break through critical selling moments. Our designers understand how to connect selling capabilities to sales metrics and expertly craft solutions that are fit for purpose and drive results. Our relationship managers and management teams across the company keep a laser focus on our customers and are constantly working to help them stay ahead of the pack.

We aren’t afraid to give our clients our best thinking, even if it differs from their own. And we always stand ready to support them in reaching their next level of excellence – from unprecedented growth to exceptional learning outcomes.


Richardson is founded by sales expert and New York Times best-selling author, Linda Richardson.


Consultative Selling

We launched Consultative Selling to the market.


Sales Performance International

Sales Performance International is founded by successful author, entrepreneur and sales expert, Keith Eades.


Solution Selling®

We launched Solution Selling launched to the market.


Curriculum Expansion

Our investment in a Curriculum expansion led to the creation of a suite of sales training programs and new sales coaching content.


Going Global

We expanded our global footprint with new Global offices in EMEA and APAC.


Online Learning

We brought our world-class content online.


Our first Client Forum brought together sales and learning leaders from around the globe.



Our digital content gets translated into 7 languages.


Life Sciences Practice

We launched our dedicated Life Science Practice.


Digital Learning Platform

Furthering our investment in sales technology, we launched our Digital Learning Platform.


Advanced Content

Continuing our content innovation, we launch a collection of new, advanced sales training content.



Richardson and Sales Performance International merge to form Richardson Sales Performance.


Sprint Selling

We launched the newest and most future-focused sales methodology in the market, Sprint Selling.


Richardson Sales Performance acquires Canadian sales training company DoubleDigit Sales.


Company History

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