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Sell Like a Team — New Book by Richardson Sales Performance Senior Consultant Michael Dalis

sell like a team

agrodnitzkyMay 11, 2017Blog

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The ability of sellers to form teams that add value and present a compelling case to buyers is no longer optional but is required in today’s complex sales environment.

For many sellers, executing a successful team presentation might feel like the luck-of-the-draw, but this is simply not the case. Richardson Sales Performance Senior Consultant and Trainer Michael Dalis demystifies team selling in his new book Sell Like a Team: The Blueprint for Building Teams That Win Big at High-Stakes Meetings.

Team Selling Skills Unlock Revenue

Prior to the great recession and the proliferation of online information sources, team selling was often limited to blockbuster business-to-business sales pitches, but now every sales person in every industry must have the ability to form an effective team to win business. In fact, according to Harvard Business Review, “… the number of people involved in B2B solutions purchases has climbed from an average of 5.4 two years ago to 6.8 today.”

Sell Like a Team offers practical insights into the importance of developing the ability to form effective selling teams that are comprised of both sellers and non-sellers.

According to Dalis:

“… As sellers, we tend to focus on getting our salespeople ready. The sale is often made by more than one person … I’ve got to have a senior person, a subject matter expert, and a technology specialist come and join me. They haven’t had sales training, but they are going to contribute to my success or failure in closing this deal … Whether people like to sell with others and whether they don’t, it’s a fact of life that if you are a sales person who wants to close deals and drive results, you’re going to have to sell with others, and I wanted to help those people who were on that same mission.”

Learning to “Sell Like a Team” is Easy When You Know the Process

Beyond answering the “Why” Dalis’ “Sell Like a Team” answers “How,” the book describes the process for forming and preparing a team for a presentation. It breaks out the different hats that a salesperson must wear during each phase of the process and includes tools and worksheets that help sellers and sales leaders apply what they have learned immediately.

In this video Michael Dalis shares insights from the book:


About the Author

Michael Dalis specializes in working with sales leaders and technical experts across a wide variety of industries, including financial services and management consulting. Michael brings over 30 years of practical insights on winning leadership and sales techniques to his training engagements. He believes that giving client-facing professionals and their leaders a clear and proven approach is the key to driving higher and more consistent results.

Prior to joining Richardson Sales Performance, Michael spent more than 20 years with State Street Corporation, where he contributed to the company’s success in numerous ways. Most recently, as Managing Director for US Sub-Advisory Services with State Street Global Advisors (SSGA ), one of the largest investment companies in the world, he developed and executed a strategic plan to build third-party distribution business with insurance and mutual fund companies, wealth management companies, and defined contribution (DC) platforms. Over the eight years of leading this business, assets under management grew from $8 billion to more than $80 billion. He built, developed and managed a team of professionals covering sales, relationship management and client support.

Prior to his work in the third-party distribution channel, Michael was an institutional salesperson and relationship manager, as well as a channel manager for SSGA’s business with non-profit organizations, building and leading client relationships.

Michael’s talent for public speaking stems from his childhood experience as a professional actor. Throughout his career, Michael has been featured as a subject matter expert for the media. Sell Like a Team is Michael’s first book, but he has written a number of articles published in industry trade magazines.

Get Your Copy of Sell Like a Team

Sell Like a Team is published by McGraw-Hill and will be available for purchase on June 9, 2017. You can reserve an advanced copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.
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