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Richardson Sales Performance Partners with SAVO to Maximize Sales Training Investments

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Richardson Sales Performance is very excited to formally announce a partnership with SAVO, the market leader in sales enablement.

Together, the two companies have developed SAVO Sales Process Pro Richardson Sales Performance Edition™, an application that allows sales and marketing leaders to reinforce training and execute best practices through coaching at each stage of the sales cycle.

Integrating seamlessly with CRM solutions, the application helps to improve productivity and sales forecasts and ensure overall deal quality.

Sales Process Pro Richardson Sales Performance Edition gives companies an edge by systematically reinforcing Richardson Sales Performance’s methodology and training solutions. By automating and aggregating sales pursuit activities, such as opportunity planning and account mapping, the application enables sellers and holds them accountable for verifiable outcomes at each stage of an opportunity. Through integration with CRM and robust analytics, Sales Process Pro Richardson Sales Performance Edition also provides sales leaders with better forecast accuracy and real-time visibility into seller behavior and deal quality.

Specifically, the solution will:

  • Guide best practice adherence and consistent sales execution — Coach sales reps and prescribe activities by deal stage to reinforce best practice sales methodologies and processes.
  • Improve seller productivity and efficiency — Automate and aggregate sales pursuit activities, such as opportunity planning, account mapping, social intelligence and collaboration, on any device.
  • Drive forecast accuracy and deal quality — Hold sellers accountable for satisfying verifiable outcomes at each deal stage tracked in the application and CRM system to give sales leaders visibility into deal progress and overall quality.
“We are extremely excited about working with a leading sales enablement company like SAVO to optimize and sustain Richardson Sales Performance’s sales training solutions,” said Dario Priolo, Chief Strategy Officer for Richardson Sales Performance. “Today, companies are spending millions on sales methodologies, processes and skills training yet the average sales rep forgets 87 percent of what they learned in training just three months ago without continuous reinforcement. Sales Process Pro Richardson Sales Performance Edition is designed to help our clients drive consistency in sales execution through reinforcement with technology and coaching — at the right time and in the right context for sales reps.”

“The combination of SAVO’s market-leading sales enablement solutions and Richardson Sales Performance’s award-winning sales process, methodology, and skills training offerings is a game changer,” said Daniel West, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development for SAVO.  “Transforming and sustaining change in sales behavior to improve business results requires regular reinforcement of best practices and processes. With this partnership, we can deliver both to the market in a single solution.”

To learn more about Sales Process Pro Richardson Sales Performance Edition, please contact us at, or visit us by clicking here .

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