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Richardson offers a fully integrated, level-by-level sales training curriculum for all sales and sales management. Our proven curriculum of over 250 modules covers the necessary tools, skills, dialogues, process, and strategy  needed for every phase of the selling cycle. Click here to download a copy of our full Sales Effectiveness System curriculum map!


Organizations that Implement Customized Sales Training Solutions Report More Effective Training Outcomes


A customized sales training curriculum is at the core of every program that Richardson designs. During the define phase of our sales effectiveness system we identify the unique sales training needs of your organization, taking into consideration factors including; industry trends, organizational skill gaps, your teams overall sales process, and your sales performance management system to create a program that is specifically designed to address your team's sales training needs and improve the sales organizations overall performance.


The depth of our customized sales training solutions,  ensures training is aligned to your business and is relevant and applicable, even to your most experienced sales professionals.  Whether it is the customization of our core content or the development of new solutions, our proprietary customization process ensures the solution and supports your objectives and has greater impact on performance.

Defining critical activities in sales effectiveness


Customized Sales Training Programs are More Effective than Off-The-Shelf Solutions


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This graph comes from a study conducted by They surveyed a number of L&D leaders who supported sales training and transformation initiatives. 72% of those who either customized or fully customized their programs reported that their initiative was “effective.” This compares with only a 28% effectiveness rate for those who did not deeply customize.

Customized Sales Training Solutions Drive True Behavior Change


Every program we deliver is deeply customized for your organization. Customized solutions drive behavioral change. Richardson is built around this practice with full on-staff design and development teams. Richardson is able to capture and share your knowledge and best practices across your sales team and reinforce your strategy.

Customization allows for a consistent methodology to be deployed across audiences while the application is completely relevant to their specific situations and challenging to the learner.

It is our point of view that adults learn best through the application of skills, and the fastest and most effective learning occurs when practicing on their real-world selling or managing situations.

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