Facilitation Expertise | Richardson's Sales Trainers

Richardson trainers are recognized in the industry as exceptional facilitators and coaches!


Using their training, sales, and management experience, our trainers add value as trainers and coaches. In addition to delivering training, they are frequently engaged as coaches for real deal presentations, one-on-one coaching for salespeople and managers, and larger group conferences. We develop our trainers through a series of biannual workshops, internal newsletters, and quarterly meetings. All of our trainers are skilled at delivering all parts of our integrated sales training curriculum.

Our trainers are tenured with Richardson, and the majority of our trainers have been with Richardson for at least ten years; many have been with us for more than 15 years. Our trainers are experienced in training across industries and across levels.

Frequently, our trainers are asked by participants if they work for the organization for whom they are training because of their knowledge and the value they add during the training. We receive weekly unsolicited praise about our trainers from our client liaisons and e-mails from participants who not only provide accolades, but give examples of application and results.

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