Measuring Training Effectiveness With Richardson's Impact Survey

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Investing in your sales team's effectiveness, like all significant business investments needs to be monitored. Richardson recommends monitoring your investment in sales training through a systematic approach to measurement.


Measuring training effectiveness is a challenge for many organizations. Sales training can represent a significant investment of time and money, and while the importance of sales training is recognized by most organizations, they often fail to measure the ROI of training with the same vigor that they assess other business investments.


Richardson’s Approach to Measuring Training Effectiveness

A systematic approach to measuring training effectiveness is one of the fundamental elements of Richardson’s sales effectiveness system. We subscribe to Kirkpatrick’s Model of “Four Levels of Training Evaluation” for measuring outcomes. The four levels include:

measure ROI on Sales Training
  • Evaluation: The participant’s perceptions of the training experience
  • Mastery Assessment: The resulting increase in knowledge retention
  • Behavior Change: The extent to which change in behaviors on-the-job has occurred
  • Business Impact: The effects on client interactions and sales performance resulting from the participant’s behavior change


Richardson offers unique solutions for each level of measurement, our impact survey is specifically designed to measure level 4: Business Impact. Assessment of the business impact of sales training occurs 12-18 months after training.


Measuring the Business Impact of Sales Training


There are many variables that can impact business performance improvements resulting from sales training. To answer the question of how to measure whether or not training outcomes are meeting expected business benefits Richardson utilizes an Impact Survey and a Voice of the Client Score Card.

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Voice of the Client


In order to measure client results, our partner, PeopleMetrics, uses proprietary, cloud-based technology to capture the “Voice of the Client” at key points in your sales process. We will map out the key interactions that really matter for each stage of your client’s journey and develop very brief, post-interaction questions that only take a couple of minutes for a client to complete. We capture the overall client experience and any problems that may have occurred (and why). The scorecard includes:

  • Action Alerts (for individual client responses for course correction and immediate recognition of outstanding salespeople)
  • Dashboards (organizational and for each Sales Manager)
  • Strategic Reports (analysis of data and overall findings)
  • CRM Integration (for easy access to the data and reports)


Impact Survey


To measure the effect that participants’ knowledge, skills, and behaviors ultimately had on sales performance, Richardson conducts an Impact Survey. The survey asks participants to report on how they have used certain skills that they have learned in training, results they have achieved to-date, and the relationship between these skills and results. Ultimately, this survey helps answer the question, “To what extent did the new skills and behaviors demonstrated back on-the-job move our key sales metrics in a positive direction?”


Benefits of Richardson’s Approach to Measuring Training Effectiveness


The benefits of employing our approach to measuring the impact of sales training include:

  • Creating visibility into the training’s value in the immediate-, short-, and long-term
  • Using data to guide decision making about if, when, and how to alter the implementation in order to improve results
  • Developing momentum that keeps leaders, managers, and salespeople both engaged in your sales effectiveness initiative and accountable for outcomes
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