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Hire the Right Sales Talent for the Right Role


Finding the right sales talent is a critical part of many sales organization's strategies. Richardson's TalentGaugeTM helps companies identify a sales representatives potential to be successful. TalentGaugeTM is an online sales talent assessment tool, it is a predictive assessment and salesforce readiness tool that helps sales leaders ensure they have the right people in the right roles in both their current salesforce and during the recruitment process.


The Science Behind Identifying Sales Talent


We focus on predicting success on the job rather than describing broad traits like “extroversion.” Our TalentGauge™ tool measures the specific skills and behaviors needed to be successful on the job. 

While it may be interesting to know a candidate’s energy level, it is critical to know that the sales candidate can successfully do the job whether that is prospecting, resolving objections, or closing.

This approach has led to identifying specific skill requirements for different positions. The skill sets required for a Strategic Account Manager are different from those needed by someone in Inbound Telesales, even though they are both sales positions. 

Defining critical activities in sales effectiveness 


TalentGaugeTM Reporting


TalentGaugeTM: Selection results are provided to you in a report that matches external candidates against multiple position profiles, developed collaboratively with you to show the best job fit for high-potential candidates and to weed out those whose likelihood of success for your requirements is below average. 

Download the TalentGaugeTM Sample Report

Sample Report - sales talent

The generated report shows you how each job candidate is compared with multiple job profiles.  Candidates demonstrating a good fit are indicated by a green light and have an 85% chance of achieving or exceeding first-year quota.Richardson’s TalentGauge™ helps you make the right staffing decisions based on non-biased, objective data.  As a result, you can identify and leverage sales talent necessary to successfully execute your strategy.


TalentGauge™ Benefits


  • Increase your salesforce’s productivity by matching sales professionals to roles that best fit their inherent potential
  • Avoid making a “mis-hire” that could result in damage to relationships with customers and significant costs
  • Decrease turnover among your salesforce


A Flexible Salesforce Talent Assessment Tool


TalentGauge™ can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or bundled with other Richardson services including:

  • Talent Audit + SkillGauge™ – combined with our online diagnostic SkillGauge™, you can get a deep analytical assessment of your salesforce. The benefits of this bundle are a talent audit to measure a sales professional’s potential for a specific role and to identify the extent to which the sales professional is realizing that potential with best practice behaviors
  • Talent Audit + Specialized Training Curriculum – Richardson can develop a specialized curriculum based on the structure and roles of your unique salesforce
  • Selection Assessment + Behavioral Interviewing Workshop – for managers who want to build their skills to ensure hiring the right sales talent


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