DEFINE Critical Selling Behaviors in Your Sales Process

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Sales effectiveness system


"A Canadian bank realized they were losing market share and had lost sight of the customer in connection with a bank-wide rebranding. Richardson was engaged to develop training to improve the customer conversation.  The training became the primary vehicle for behavior change, 17,000 personnel have since gone through Customer Conversations training. They moved from #5 to #1 in Net Promoter Score among Canadian Banks and increased wallet share by 12%." 

Define Sales Process, Create Customized Content & Plan for Sustainment and Measurement

We begin with your business outcomes in mind. Our Define Stage aligns your business KPIs with the selling and coaching behaviors that drive them. Once we understand the outcomes and the behaviors that need to change, we create targeted learning interventions through our proprietary Customization Process.

Our Process marries Richardson’s market-tested content with your unique sales environment to create a meaningful and effective learning experience for your salespeople and coaches. From design through implementation, analytics support the strategy. In the Define Stage, we create a Measurement Plan that informs the business and validates results.

Defining critical activities in sales effectiveness

In the DEFINE Stage, we focus on:

  • Understanding your current and desired-state KPIs
  • Identifying and prioritizing the specific selling and coaching behaviors that impact your KPIs
  • Designing relevant and challenging learning interventions using a market-tested sales curriculum customized to your unique selling environment
  • Aligning your organization around the most important components of your strategy, and linking selling behaviors to the outcomes that you seek
  • Creating a Measurement Plan to quantify business impact and inform the learning program
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Measurement & Sustaiment Planning

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