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Building Block Sales Curriculum

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Sales effectiveness system

Richardson offers a fully integrated, level-by-level sales training curriculum for all sales and sales management. Our proven curriculum of over 250 modules covers the necessary tools, skills, dialogues, process, and strategy  needed for every phase of the selling cycle.

Some areas include:


72% of those who either customized or fully customized their sales training programs reported that their initiative was “effective.”


We customize sales training solutions because it produces better results for our clients. For over 30 years, Richardson has been working with leading global companies to help improve sales performance. Over our history, we have trained over 2,000,000 sales professionals worldwide. On an annual basis we:  


  • Train over 75,000 professionals a year
  • Create over 600 new customized programs
  • Interview over 1000 senior executives
  • Survey over 3000 sales reps


At Richardson, we customize to the deepest levels in the industry. Whether it is the customization of our core content, or the development of “greenfield” solutions, our proprietary customization process ensures the solution supports your objectives and has greater impact on performance


Our clients choose to work with us because we provide training that is relevant to each audience while still providing core consistency across the organization.  We quickly and deeply customize the content of our core comprehensive sales training curriculum to integrate with our clients’ strategies, markets, products, sales challenges, and tools.  Customization allows for application during the training and contributes greatly to ROI.  


We are flexible in meeting your sales training delivery needs. Our solutions are expertly delivered and implemented through multiple delivery methods that can be blended, stand alone, or complement one another to provide a highly effective, seamless training solution that will drive quick wins and sustainable performance improvement


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