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The Way Your Sellers “Show Up” Creates a Competitive Advantage

In today’s competitive market, once-unique products and services are becoming commodities. This means your company’s brand is no longer enough to win customers.

There is a more sustainable competitive advantage that is much harder for your competitors to replicate:  how your salespeople utilize their sales skills to improve their performance in front of customers. These interactions define the core of the “exceptional buying experience.”

When only 1 in 10 executives perceive that they are getting value from meetings with salespeople, there is a significant opportunity to differentiate the buying experience through sales dialogue excellence.

Effective sales skill improvement focuses on optimizing only a handful of components at one time. Therefore, it is important to identify which sales skill improvements will produce the highest return on your organization’s investment.

Too often, selling skill gaps are identified based on hunches, random observations, and instincts. This can lead to a significant misallocation of training dollars. A better path forward utilizes data to ensure your team is building skills that move the needle.

Skill Optimization Assessment Process

Through interviews with Sales Leadership and an online assessment, Richardson Sales Performance’s Sales Skills Optimization Assessment will:

  • Identify how salespeople compare to a cross-industry benchmark of other sales organizations
  • Enable leaders to determine skill gaps prevalent across the sales organization
  • Empower leaders with information that can be used to design and build a multi-year curriculum

In only six to eight weeks, Richardson Sales Performance can provide key data about selling skills trends across the entirety of the sales force.

Richardson Sales Performance’s Senior Consultants start by conducting interviews to determine the relevant skills that will be surveyed in the online sales skills assessment. Once validated, the assessment is sent to participants.

Sales diagnostics are administered in a “self-rater” format, while management diagnostics are administered both to the participant and to his/her direct reports.

The online diagnostic requires 30-45 minutes to complete and is comprised of 25-35 questions. The responses are scored using an advanced algorithm to ensure an accurate assessment of the participant’s behavior.

The Richardson Sales Performance team will analyze and provide a summary of the findings in a detailed report to key stakeholders.

Drive Impact Improving the Right Sales Skills

Richardson Sales Performance’s Skill Optimization Assessment helps leaders make the right investment decisions based on unbiased, objective data. This ensures they are focusing training on filling the right skill gaps.