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large image of richardson's chief product officer kate lewis against a forested background

Kate Lewis

Chief Product Officer


Kate Lewis is Richardson’s Chief Product Officer; she is responsible for leading the company’s product development activities by creating a strategic vision and implementation strategy for global content development, data analytics, and digital product innovation.


Kate has more than 25 years of experience in various sales leadership, transformation, coaching, and sales technology development roles at companies including BeyondTrust and Experian. Kate was also the founder of e4enable, the sales enablement technology company acquired by Richardson in 2024.

What You Can Expect from Kate

Kate has a passion for building solutions that enable organizations to define, develop, and measure "what good looks like" across their sales teams. Kate helps customers leverage Richardson’s bleeding-edge sales technology and best-in-class training content to drive real-world results from their investment with Richardson.

Get to Know Kate

One of the things our clients like most about working with the Richardson team is our people, that’s because we’re good at what we do, and we like to build real relationships that foster trust and ensure mutual success.

To give you more insight into what really makes Kate tick, we asked her 5 non-sales-related questions:

  1. Favorite recreational activity: I always wish I had something really rock and roll to answer questions like this, but the reality is you’ll often find me pottering in my garden or spending my time with friends and family. I also love the outdoors and traveling!
  2. Favorite food: Noodles (in all guises)
  3. Very first job: If we are talking about my very first job then it was working in a kennel, but my first full-time job was in sales support for Fujitsu.
  4. If you weren’t in business, what would you be doing: Travelling, pottering, and having fun with friends and family.
  5. Least favorite household chore: Ironing – so much so that I have delegated it to my husband Nick!

Kate’s Pick for the Top Capability Required for Sales Teams to Succeed Today

There is no single capability that drives success, but as an expert in sales enablement, Kate believes in the importance of using data to close individual and organization-wide skill gaps.  She recommends teams invest in Richardson’s Sprint Selling training program because of the robust suite of tools that accompany it.

“Using Richardson’s sales technology to capture, understand, and use data to identify and capitalize on opportunities for continuous improvement is the most powerful strategy a sales organization can employ to ensure success.”

Connect on LinkedIn

Find out even more about Kate or start a conversation with her by clicking here to connect on LinkedIn.