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Good Solutions Begin with a Real Understanding of Your Sales Performance Needs

Every Richardson Sales Performance engagement includes a discovery process through which we learn more about your business strategies, selling situations, and unique challenges to inform our customisation of your sales training solution. Some clients come to the table with strong clarity on their performance strengths and opportunities for development. Other clients request that Richardson Sales Performance conduct a thorough needs assessment to help them identify sales performance strengths and weaknesses.

Our Approach to Sales Performance Needs Assessments

When a more rigorous sales needs analysis is required, we offer the following needs assessment solution and approach:

To determine specific training and content needs, we recommend a two phase approach to a sales needs assessment that includes:

  1. Gather and analyse data
  2. Design and validate the plan

We have found that this approach to the assessment offers plenty of opportunities for input from the sales organization’s key senior leaders, stakeholders, and employees to ensure that they take ownership for the plan’s rollout and success. Richardson Sales Performance will use our extensive experience in recommending and providing customised sales and sales management training solutions for leading clients in your industry.

We conduct a series of interviews with senior sales leaders, stakeholders, and high performers. We will administer online surveys, as appropriate, with a sampling of the sales and partner organisations globally. More specifically, our interviews and survey will focus on gaining an in-depth understanding of:

  • The sales and marketing strategy, organisational structure, culture, roles and responsibilities, priority product solutions, and priority customers
  • Customer buying patterns, behaviours, and cycles
  • The various selling situations, competitors, differentiators, key selling and coaching challenges and opportunities, and customer experience
  • Relevant competency models
  • Performance data
  • Key product information that is critical to successful selling
  • Current tools and data being used throughout the selling process
  • Key selling strengths and areas for improvement
  • Key Metrics
  • Certification Requirements

Needs Assessment Outputs

As an output of the sales training needs assessment, Richardson Sales Performance will deliver the following written report, including a summary of findings and recommendations, such as:

  • Overview:  Business Strategy, Objectives, Culture, Changes in Environment, and Current Strengths
  • Key Selling Activities
  • Current Best Practices Used by Top Performers
  • Strategic Vision for the Project
  • Learning Objectives for the Project
  • Strategic Curriculum Objectives
  • Customised Learner Journeys
  • Proposed Implementation Plan
  • Evaluation and Measurement Strategy

Using the data gathered and analysed in the sales needs assessment, Richardson Sales Performance will design a training curriculum for your sales audience that will empower sellers with the critical skills that they need to transform every buyer experience and unlock revenue.