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Tyson Transformed Customer Relationships

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The Results

  • 96%Participant scores for facilitation

  • 27%Knowledge retention driven by learner engagement after training

  • 18Point improvement in incorporating selling skills

The Challenge

Tyson Foods is a multinational, protein-focused food company with more than 122,000 employees. The company has experienced growth through natural business expansion and acquisitions. This growth, however, led to inconsistent selling methods across the organisation.

Sales leaders at Tyson realised that to continue to grow, they needed a common selling framework and language and a renewed focus on the customer. They also needed a selling strategy that empowered the team to leverage considerable customer data, using the information to help shape their customer’s perspective and grow into the white space. These skills would need to tie directly into Tyson’s explicit goals of achieving two times the market share growth in each food category and deriving 15 percent of revenue from new products.

The Approach

Richardson Sales Performance implemented a blended learning sales training solution for approximately 1,000 of Tyson's sales professionals to drive immediate improvement and sustained performance. This training helped the Tyson team improve customer interactions and internal collaboration. The customised content was designed to deliver on this goal by helping sales professionals understand customer needs, resolve concerns to remove obstacles to selling, appropriately leverage industry knowledge, float ideas, ask questions, and recommend solutions.

Changes at Tyson were almost immediate. The on-demand learning provided by Accelerate gave sales professionals a clear indication of where they stood and where they needed to be. This feedback and clarity invigorated the sales force to reach further in their efforts to advance the sale. The skills of Richardson Sales Performance's facilitators introduced a new level of selling expertise to the culture. The instructors brought a wealth of knowledge above and beyond the material taught.
The sales team is happy to engage in training because they’re seeing the results that come with consultative selling practises. They are not doing it just to cheque the box. They’re doing it because it works!
Tyson Sales Leader

Solutions that made this possible

ManagerToolkits Banner Manager Toolkit Meeting

Sales Manager Coaching Tools

Richardson Sales Performance’s Manager Meeting Toolkits are a collection of Leader’s Guides built specifically for frontline Sales Managers to use in leading training reinforcement sessions with their teams.

sales opportunity pursuit training

Train the Trainer Sales Training Certification

Richardson Sales Performance’s Senior Facilitators lead a comprehensive and challenging Train-the-Trainer process that culminates in your sales trainers obtaining formal certification to administer Richardson Sales Performance course content. Our goal is to ensure that your sales trainers feel confident and excited to deliver a successful programme.

one on one sales coaching services

Real Deal Coaching

Richardson Sales Performance (formerly Sales Performance International and Richardson) consultants possess many years of selling and sales management experience, and as a result, we can provide expert coaching to clients on strategic sales opportunities.

sales process consulting

Sales Process Consulting & Training

Discover how our consultative approach to sales process and development training helps organisations match their sales process to their customer's needs.

sales skill assessments

Sales Skill Assessments

Find clarity on where your team is today and where you need to go with our proprietary sales skill assessments.