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Justin Walsh

Chief Technology Officer

Justin Walsh, Chief Technology Officer, is responsible for Richardson Sales Performance’s digital products and tools. He shapes Richardson Sales Performance’s strategy for technology, enterprise applications, and infrastructure while leading a dedicated development team. Justin also ensures the integrity of IT security and all surrounding policies.

For nearly 15 years, Justin has worked in technology by leading teams that develop IT, empowering businesses to grow at scale. Justin drives results with a well-rounded skill set, including business analysis, workflow automation, network infrastructure, software development, and project management. As a collaborator, Justin brings innovation to problem solving, business alignment, and efficiency.

Justin works to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical decision makers internally and externally. He develops sophisticated solutions to complex problems and shares them in ways Richardson Sales Performance’s customers can easily understand.

“Richardson Sales Performance’s Storytelling training programme is particularly useful for technology sales professionals. Using stories within the customer conversation helps the buyer understand where they are coming from and where they are going to. These stories also serve to help explain complicated concepts in a way that gets the buyer excited for the journey ahead.”

Prior to joining Richardson Sales Performance, Justin managed IT within the consulting industry by designing, developing, and supporting solutions that help organisations advance their goals in a cost-effective manner.

Justin enjoys cycling and traveling and is an avid sports fan. He also enjoys keeping up to date on the latest developments within the world of tech.