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Sales Training Case Study: Ferguson Develops Sales Managers to Achieve Revenue Growth Ahead of Market

The Challenge

Ferguson was looking to grow market share, increase revenue, and improve gross margins by improving customer service with more knowledgeable and engaged associates. The company recognized that working with its sales leaders, and developing their coaching skills, would be the most effective way to reach all outside sales associates and have the desired impact on both business change and process change. However, there had not been any formal coaching training and as a result, there was no consistency in the coaching approach throughout the organization. Therefore, the decision to focus time, resources, and funding at the sales leadership level became the driving force behind Ferguson’s partnership with Richardson to implement a more formal, step-by-step process to support sales managers in coaching their teams.

The Results

Achieved a 50 basis point improvement in the trading margin.
74% of participants reported increased sales post-training.
48% of participants reported at least a 10% increase or greater in sales post-training.

“Our managers came back from last week’s meeting engaged, enthusiastic and energized. They immediately hit the ground running. I have already witnessed them using the coaching skills with our sales force, especially asking questions rather than telling behavior. With continued focus and effort on our part, this will make a big difference.”

General Manager, Ferguson