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Richardson Sales Performance Sponsors Musicopia's High Note Breakfast

Richardson Sales Performance sales training was a proud sponsor of Musicopia’s High Note Breakfast. Musicopia is a non-profit focused on providing music performance and education for communities that lack adequate music programs.

Musicopia’s mission is to bring a vibrant combination of music performance and education to students and communities through the Delaware Valley, with a particular focus on the areas that lack adequate music programs or are cut off from the regions rich cultural life. With the goal of inspiring a deep love for and knowledge of great music, Musicopia programs promote the transformative power of music, the value of musical discipline, and the appreciation of cultural diversity. Musicopia offers a wide range of music education programs. Professional ensembles and solo musicians make up Musicopia’s roster of teaching artists, representing diverse musical traditions such as Classical, Jazz,  Latin, Traditional Chinese, African, Brazilian, and Middle Eastern. Musicopia has also established long-term, out-of-school performance and study opportunities.

For questions about donations, or Musicopia in general, please contact Juliette Hyson, Director of Individual giving ay

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