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Measuring Sales Training Effectiveness eBook Release

Press Release

March 15, 2016Press Release

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Philadelphia, PA—March 15, 2016 — Richardson Sales Performance, a leading global sales training, and performance improvement solutions company, today announced that it has released a new e-book, A Guide to Measuring Sales Training Effectiveness. The e-book is available for download from the Richardson Sales Performance website.

This e-book, written by Richardson Sales Performance’s Eileen Krantz, outlines how to create a proper measurement strategy sequence in order to have the greatest impact on performance. It highlights the importance of allocating sales training budgets to include evaluation and sustainment and assessing talent and skills in order to set a baseline to measure against. The e-book covers three key areas:

  • Why measuring sales training is important
  • Adopting the proper measurement sequence
  • Five guiding principles for creating a successful measurement strategy
“We’ve seen companies that neglect to include a measurement strategy in their training and development efforts that often feel great about their efforts immediately after a training event, but lose momentum over time and have difficulty demonstrating the value of what they have done or accomplished,” said Eileen Krantz. “On the other hand, companies that implement a coherent measurement strategy are able to advance the knowledge, skills, and results of their team members while demonstrating extremely positive ROI to their stakeholders.”

The author of the e-book, Eileen Krantz, is Richardson Sales Performance’s Vice President of Client Analytics. She is responsible for helping Richardson Sales Performance’s clients improve their business by leveraging data and analytics.

The eBook can be downloaded by clicking here.

About Richardson Sales Performance

Richardson Sales Performance is a global sales training and performance improvement company. We collaborate with sales organizations to achieve greater levels of success by changing the behaviors of their salespeople and sales managers. Our approach is highly collaborative, with a focus on enabling the right sales activity and effective customer dialogues. To help you achieve your goals, we partner with you to develop customized training programs and a culture of continuous learning to help drive improved organization performance.

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