Sales Competency Mapping

sales competency mapping
2014 CSO Insights research shows that companies with a dynamic sales process significantly outperform their peers in quota attainment, plan attainment, win more often, forecast fewer “no decisions”, and have lower voluntary turnover.
  • A “Random” process, is basically either no process or a process that nobody follows
  • A “Formal” process is one that is rigidly locked down. The challenge is that customers are well informed and increasingly savvy about needs. Reps need more latitude to challenge customers, think outside the box and get creative about creating value for the customer.
  • A “Dynamic” process is one that is clearly defined and followed, but gives reps and managers support as opposed to strict directives

For any particular role, a map of required competencies can be developed, providing predictive criteria for selection. Richardson’s sales competency mapping allows management to audit its sales force to identify pockets of strength and opportunities for development.  Our Sales ompetency Mapping is a process which identifies the key competencies needed for your sales organization and/or role and incorporates those competencies throughout the sales process.


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