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Continuous Learning

Access to continuous learning plays a critical role in the reinforcement of effective training and maximizing the impact and ROI of your training initiatives. We offer proven products and tools to supplement, enhance, and reinforce training skills and strategies. We partner with you to develop a continuous learning strategy that ensures behavioral change through follow-up and next-level training programs. For a closer look at some of our tools, click on an active link below or contact Richardson directly at

  • E-Learning

    Richardson’s award-winning eLearning Quickskills™ are the most in-depth and proven web-based curriculum in the industry.

  • Podcasts

    Richardson NanoSalesBooks™ cover critical sales topics, providing salespeople with the “how tos” they need to win business and reach peak performance.

  • Manager Toolkits

    A series of meeting modules for managers to lead 30-minute reinforcement sessions with their teams, either face-to-face or remotely.

  • Webinars

    To continue development through application to a specific situation in a highly effective, travel-free means.

  • Video-on-Demand

    Richardson’s Video-on-Demand solutions utilize the latest in streaming video within a collaborative on-line environment to provide users with an interactive, real-time training reinforcement tool.

  • Product Profiles

    Product Profiles are based on a framework and format designed by Richardson and includes categories such as Key Questions to Ask, What to Listen For, Objections/Responses and Competitive Information.

  • Sales Process Pro For Richardson

    Sales Process Pro For Richardson