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Richardson Understands Sales Training Needs in Florida


sales training in Florida

Florida may be best known as a vacation destination, but beyond the sandy beaches and entertainment attractions are significant industry assets. Aviation and aerospace. Life sciences. Manufacturing. Defense and homeland security. Information technology. Financial and professional services. Logistics. Companies come to Florida for its business-friendly environment, favorable climate (tax-wise and weather-wise), multi-modal infrastructure, large talent pool, and strategic location for global trade.


Sales Training Programs in Florida


Richardson partners with large, complex organizations – such as financial services, aerospace, or life sciences – to customize a sales process that takes into account their specialized and often regulated environment. Clients come to rely on Richardson’s ability to leverage technology for today’s learners and to provide sales training and coaching in locations around the world, adapting to the local language and culture.

The following Richardson sales performance improvement programs address challenges specific to business in Florida:


Consultative Selling


Building the foundational skills needed to effectively engage clients in needs based sales dialogues.

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Sales Negotiations


Applying the principles of approaching sales situations with a customer centric mindset to advanced negotiations techniques.

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Selling with Insights


Developing advanced level skills helping sellers understand when to leverage insights in strategic dialogues with customers.

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High Performance Selling


Developing advanced selling skills to meet the needs of clients demanding more value and heavy control over the pace and direction of the sales process.

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Sales Coaching Training


Teaching sales leaders to become sales coaches by helping them learn how to provide more than a typical evaluative performance review, and instead offer daily developmental feedback that is directly linked to achieving business objectives.

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Trusted Advisor Training


Helping sales professionals learn to develop on-going, mutually beneficial partnerships with clients through deep strategic dialogues.

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Strategic Account Management and Development Training


Collaborating to create a customized strategy to help you build and maintain strategic partnerships with key customers.

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Florida based corporations might also be interested in our newest innovation, an online sales training program called Richardson AccelerateTM, a cutting edge training program that can be used as a stand alone solution or in a blended learning scenario. Richardson AccelerateTM uses mobile first technology to address the needs of geographically dispersed teams and the emerging multigenerational workforce.


A Florida Sales Training Success Story


A transportation client headquartered in Florida provided services through several operating groups and was looking for ways to grow. Their market was declining, they needed to lower their operating ratio and grow profitable revenue, and they were looking for ways to generate new opportunities. Richardson developed a training and coaching program to move their sales professionals beyond their transactional approach to initiating strategic dialogues where they could talk about the whole supply chain and portfolio of services. The sales process was customized to be simple and repeatable across the organization, taking into account the nuances of each business. This established common ground that allowed sales professionals to speak the same language, follow the same processes, and synchronize their efforts in optimizing the portfolio.


Get to Know Richardson's Florida Based Sales Training Team


Barbara Downes - Florida Sales Training ExpertBarbara Downes, Regional Vice President - Connect with Barbara on LinkedIn: Barbara Downes partners with clients to improve the critical behaviors of sales professionals that increase revenue, expand market share, and build loyal client relationships.

Prior to joining Richardson, Barbara held roles in Sales, Sales Management, Learning and Development, and Marketing. She has extensive experience working with a broad base of clients across multiple industries.

Over the last 20 years, she has been responsible for developing and implementing strategic corporate initiatives, custom learning solutions, and sales and business process improvement strategies. For McKesson, FedEx, Deloitte, Tyco, L-3 Communications, and Verizon Wireless, she has worked to optimize results through the alignment of people, process, and technology. Her passion lies in helping organizations build high performance cultures that drive growth, optimize performance, and achieve results.

Florida Sales Training Expert - Ron SmithRonald Smith, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Ronald on LinkedIn: Ron specializes in the design and delivery of tailored training programs and developmental activities to support corporate business goals and strategies. He takes his 20 years of experience and crafts interactive training programs designed to meet the specific needs of individual clients, using a high level of preparation, engagement, and rapport-building as strong teaching tools. Ron facilitates sales, negotiations, presentations, and sales management/coaching seminars for national and multinational corporations from a wide range of industries including investment banking and insurance companies. Ron is also a skilled master trainer who takes pride in his ability to train other trainers by leading Train-the-Trainer programs that leave internal personnel with the knowledge to continue enhancing the company’s sales success. Ron also conducts one-on-one and team “real deal” coaching to enhance the probability of gaining additional business and strengthening relationships.

Ron is also a successful coach with experience coaching individuals at all experience levels. Ron is known for his energetic style and his ability to tailor his approach as needed and provide precise and impactful feedback to help individuals get to their next level of performance.

Sales Training Experts in Atlanta - Greg BlackwellGreg Blackwell, Senior Training Consultant - Connect with Greg on LinkedIn: Greg brings 27 years of sales and sales leadership experience to the classroom. His street-tested instincts help him relate to participants at all levels, from the front line to the C-suite, and make the clear link between theory and real-world business results. He leverages his strength at giving in-the-moment feedback to help sales professionals see their obstacles and identify how to improve. 

Greg’s passion is to inspire clients to collaborate across departments, rather than work in silos, to tap into greater revenue potential. He believes this can be achieved within sales teams when salespeople and managers begin using the same selling techniques and skills learned from Richardson.

Years of experience at senior corporate levels makes Greg particularly adept at coaching executives. He has worked extensively at the C-level and understands this world — how powerful diplomatically delivered, focused feedback can be for these leaders. The proud parent of three Gen Xers, Greg also is skilled at helping Boomers relate to their Gen X and Millennial team members, and vice versa.


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