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Pre-hire assessments have been proven to add tremendous value to sales organizations. For example, in a study by CSO Insights, assessments increased win rates by 10% and decreased turnover by over 30%. Assessments help you make better hiring decisions by providing consistent, objective evaluation of a candidates behaviors, skills and competencies. As a result, sales leaders can have confidence that they have the right people in the right roles in order to execute their sales strategy. This information ultimately helps accelerate onboarding, and supports coaching and succession planning as well.

Talent Assessments

Richardson’s Talent Assessment solutions encompass consulting, diagnostics, and measurement to help you understand the abilities and weaknesses within your sales organizations so that you can deliver results aligned with your business strategy and market promise. 

We take a more holistic approach than others in the industry, giving you better insights into what is or isn’t working today—and where you will be in a year, two years, or three. Our clients are coming to understand the importance of this kind of talent assessment and audit before they invest in training. It allows you to first make sure you have the right people in the right roles.

With the Richardson talent management solutions, you can assess, manage, and build your sales talent to set the stage for being better able to meet near- and long-term business objectives.

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