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Sales Process Consulting

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Sales Process Consulting


Companies with a dynamic sales process significantly outperform their peers in quota attainment, plan attainment, win more often... and mcuh more! 

Sales executives maintain their credibility by delivering their numbers quarter after quarter, year after year.  Anything that threatens their ability to accurately forecast and then deliver on that forecast reduces their credibility. 

  • How accurate are your sales forecasts? 
  • How often does your sales force miss its forecasted number? 
  • When was the last time that a big deal you needed to make the quarterly number slipped into the next quarter? 
  • How do you know that the opportunities in the sales process are both real and in the right stage? 

Having a sales process that matches your customers’ buying behaviors, focuses on key activities, and uses leading indicators will improve the accuracy of the sales forecast, as well as your ability to deliver consistent results.  

Richardson' Sales Process Consulting Solutions

Richardson Sales Process Consulting supports you in three primary ways: determining preparedness of your sales organization and talent, recommending best-in-class sales process practices and methodologies, and partnering with you to develop measurements to assess the impact of the training on sales force performance.  We work in collaboration with sales management and high-performing salespeople to:

  • Develop a sales process that is tailored to your customers’ buying behaviors and challenging sales situations 
  • Harvest best practices for pursuing opportunities from your own sales organization
  • Layer in best practices from Richardson’s more than 30 years of experience working with sales forces in a range of selling environments and industries


As a result of this customized sales process, you will:

  • Have increased confidence in the accuracy of your sales forecasts
  • Create more certainty about opportunities in order to drive quarterly and annual revenue
  • Gain visibility into whether opportunities are in the right sales stages based on customer feedback and leading indicators
  • Guide when and where managers’ coaching efforts will have their greatest positive impact on results
  • Drive a consistent, disciplined approach to pursuing and winning opportunities across the entire sales forc

The Sales Process Consulting engagement is a four to six-week consulting engagement that is implemented through a Five-Phase Methodology.

  • Phase 1: Data Collection — The consulting begins with data collection and compilation utilizing your feedback.
  • Phase 2: Development of the Branded Sales Process — This process is unique to your sales cycle and buying patterns and we present it in an accountability-specific process format.
  • Phase 3: Validation and KPI Phase — The sales process is validated with line stakeholders in a workshop setting to finalize the methodology and transfer accountability to internal champions.
  • Phase 4: Executive Review — We conduct a session with your leadership team to gain full buy-in and commitment, foster modeling of the language and process, and reinforce accountability.
  • Phase 5: Operationalizing the Sales Process — We identify the elements of your talent lifecycle that the sales process touches including performance management, selection and hiring, skills training, onboarding, integration with CRM, branding, and marketing of the process, among other interventions, to successfully operationalize your sales process.


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