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Richardson Helps to Achieve Rapid and Sustained Behavior Change Within Your Sales Organization by Providing A Continuous Learning Environment

Richardson is a global sales training and performance improvement company. Corporations around the world turn to Richardson to improve the enablement and performance of their sales organizations in increasingly competitive markets. We understand both the urgency for immediate change and the requirement for sustained results.

Our Sales Effectiveness methodology combines a market-proven sales and coaching curriculum with a proprietary approach to learning that ensures your sales teams learn, master, and apply those behaviors where and when it matters most — in front of your customers. Our proven approach enables your sales force to build trust, demonstrate credibility, and deliver value to win new opportunities and grow relationships that ensures you deliver against your revenue objectives.

Ultimately, rapid behavior change doesn’t happen without interaction and visibility in the field. Our approach ensures that your managers have the methodology and insight to coach effectively and that your organization has complete visibility into where sales coaching is taking place. You will know where behaviors have changed and how those changes are impacting your business.

Through our Sales Effectiveness SystemTM, we help you to:


  • DEFINE and prioritize critical selling behaviors
  • Engage your sellers to LEARN and master customer-focused selling skills through a customized sales training curriculum
  • CHANGE the selling behaviors by ensuring the training translates into action through coaching and digital learning sustainment tools
  • MEASURE which behaviors are changing and impacting your business

Flexible Approach


Our sales effectiveness training provides a versatile approach with each part, Define, Learn, Change, Measure, being implemented separately or together for a complete solution. Given the breadth of our sales curriculum and tools, we are able to help you with a solution that will deliver the most impact for your organization whether it be sales process consulting, ensuring that consultative and relationship selling are taking place, or building a coaching culture.

Whatever it is, Richardson can help your sales force become more efficient and get the results you want. The four core sections of our sales effectiveness consulting services are detailed below. Click on the links below to learn more about the services in each. For more information, please contact us today, or click here to download the Sales Effectiveness System Curriculum map to see our full suite of services and curriculum.

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Defining critical activities in sales effectiveness

Defining Critical Selling Behaviors

DEFINE - We begin with your business outcomes in mind. We align your business KPIs with the selling and coaching behaviors that will drive them. Once we have done that, we will begin our customization process to create a unique learning experience for your team and then develop a measurement plan that will inform the business and validate results.

Learning in Sales Training Programs

Sales Training

LEARN - We believe the most important factors that drive success is the ability to execute the right sales activities, engage in compelling customer dialogues, and for managers to coach performance. In the LEARN, we train your people to do just that. This is the core of what we do by providing your sales team with customized sales training that keeps them focused on the right activities and the ability to change the nature of the conversation.

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drive change through sales coaching and sales training reinforcement


Sales Coaching & Sales Training Reinforcement

CHANGE - Through planned training sustainment and adoption efforts, we provide the right tools at the right time and most importantly confirm the training is adopted transferred, sustained, reinforced, coached, and produces the results you need. This approach drives business outcomes by developing your sales managers and leaders to sustain performance improvement, drive accountability, coach to change.

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measure ROI on Sales Training


Sales Training Measurement

MEASURE - Real-time visibility is essential to ensuring that coaching is taking place and that seller behaviors are shifting across the organization. In this final stage, we will work with you to implement the measurement tools that show how well your teams have retained the knowledge, where selling behaviors have changed, ensure coaching is taking place, and how this has all impacted your business.

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Learn more about Each Step in Richardson's Customizable Sales Effectiveness System
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