Richardson's Newest eLearning Program is Awarded 4 Stars from Lguide

Richardson's Newest eLearning Program is Awarded 4 Stars from Lguide

PHILADELPHIA, PA April 24, 2002 - Richardson, a premier sales training and consulting firm, received 4 stars from Lguide for the outstanding content and design of its Consultative Telephone Selling eLearning program. "Lguide ratings are the supreme benchmark for any eLearning program. Simply put, Lguide sets the standards," said Linda Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Richardson. "We are honored to receive a 4 star rating. It affirms all the years that we spent to develop our 80 hours of integrated eLearning sales curriculum and inspires us to create additional hours of online sales training - deepening our reach into every phase of the sales cycle."
The results of the research were released in April, 2002 by Lguide, the preeminent independent provider of e-learning research ( Lguide rates Richardson's Consultative Telephone Selling course, one program in Richardson's integrated eLearning QuickSkills curriculum, as one of the finest sales-focused eLearning programs that it has reviewed.
Lguide leverages its training industry expertise to provide an in-depth, comparative analysis of eLearning products and services. Lguide has reviewed over 2,000 Web-based training products to date, which have received an average rating of 2.7 on their 0-5 star scale. In its research of the Consultative Telephone Selling eLearning Richardson QuickSkills program, Lguide identifies the course as an engaging program that is a "leader in its field." The review praises the realistic dialogue, effortless navigation, and superior content of the Consultative Telephone Selling course. The review asserts that:

"The dialogue is authentic and the optional audio tracks add a lively and realistic element to the course."
"The modules are well-organized and present useful information efficiently. The modules also often give concrete examples of exceptions to the guidelines of what to say and not to say."
"The take-aways offer useful information for learners to use after completing the program."

Released in January, Consultative Telephone Selling is the first program in the Richardson QuickSkills curriculum to be reviewed by Lguide. Lguide will be reviewing additional Richardson QuickSkills courses in the near future. The Richardson QuickSkills curriculum also includes Six Critical Skills, Consultative Selling Framework, Consultative Negotiations, Sales Presentations, Exceptional Customer Care, and Developmental Sales Coaching. Also available are the new Richardson QuickSkills Deal Makers: Resolving Price Objections, Selling Against the Competition, Cross-selling, Understanding the Key Drivers, Navigating the Decision-making Process: Uptiering, Team Presentations, and In-the-Action Coaching. Future enhancements to Richardson QuickSkills include the Richardson Sales Community, peer counseling, live real-time coaching, and wireless performance support tools via personal digital assistants.

About Richardson

Richardson is a leading sales training and consulting firm. We accelerate the productivity of sales organizations competing in changing markets. Utilizing our comprehensive curriculum and our method of coaching to individuals and teams, we help develop the processes and critical skills sales organizations need to win. Our curriculum includes sales, sales management, strategy, negotiations, and service training delivered through seminars, one-on-one and team coaching, and interactive eLearning. Leveraging more than 25 years of seminar and consulting experience, Richardson now offers eLearning Richardson QuickSkills as a flexible, interactive, high-impact eLearning alternative to our clients worldwide. The Richardson QuickSkills are powered by Docent Enterprise™ (NASDAQ: DCNT), the premier provider of eLearning software for Global 2000 companies. In addition, Richardson also partners with Centra to deliver synchronous learning events and real deal coaching. Centra (NASDAQ: CTRA) is the world's leading provider of software infrastructure and ASP services for eLearning and business collaboration.

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