Richardson Launches QuickSkills 2.0

Richardson Launches QuickSkills 2.0

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Richardson, a leading provider of sales training and consulting, today announced that it will launch version 2.0 of its highly regarded Richardson QuickSkills eLearning programs at Training 2002. Over two dozen enhancements have been made to add more value and ease to the overall learning experience. The enhancements further reinforce the quick, bite-size learning points which are designed for immediate application and behavioral change.

Richardson QuickSkills programs are backed by Richardson’s 25 years of experience of seminar training with leading sales organizations. The proprietary, interactive eLearning programs are challenging and provide users with intensive, immediate feedback. 

To supplement our interactive, fully AICC and SCORM compliant eLearning curriculum, a few enhancements have been made to the Richardson QuickSkills 2.0 programs, which include:
Additional QuickTools™ – a new section formatted to provide easier navigation and on-demand access to a series of critical, interactive sales and management tools based on Richardson’s world-class clients, trainers, and designers.

Module Overview - to enhance the user-friendly structure, an opening screen has been added which provides an overview of the complete course to see each module in context and allow for reference.

Learning Points - “positive teaching points” have been highlighted throughout each module to further emphasize key learning points and to encourage users to return to a module multiple times to quickly reinforce the major learning elements of each program.

"eLearning provides an unlimited way for salespeople to take control of their development and to continue to reach the needed level of sales performance. It is exciting for us to be a part of this skill training revolution,” said Linda Richardson, President and CEO of Richardson. "We see Richardson QuickSkills eLearning programs as a perfect compliment to instructor-led training and the missing link in self-development and reinforcement.” 

The Richardson QuickSkills programs have been developed from Richardson's time-tested and proprietary content. Redesigned for Web-based learning, Richardson QuickSkills consist of two parts - completely interactive, 15 to 30-minute scenario-based training in which learners make choices and receive intensive feedback, and a 30-minute robust training resource center containing role plays, definitions, and a QuickTrainer lecturette.

Richardson QuickSkills that are currently available to Richardson clients and partners include: Six Critical Skills, Consultative Selling Framework, Consultative Negotiations, Sales Presentations, Exceptional Customer Care, Developmental Sales Coaching, and Consultative Telephone Selling. Also available are the new Richardson QuickSkills Deal Makers: Resolving Price Objections, Selling against the Competition, Cross-selling, Understanding the Key Drivers, Navigating the Decision-making Process: Uptiering, Team Presentations, and In-the-Action Coaching. Future enhancements to Richardson QuickSkills include the Richardson Sales Community, peer counseling, live real-time coaching, and wireless performance support tools via personal digital assistants.

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Richardson is a leading sales training and consulting firm. We accelerate the productivity of sales organizations competing in changing markets. We utilize our comprehensive curriculum and our process of coaching to individuals and teams to develop the process and critical skills sales organizations need to win. Richardson’s training and coaching successfully impacts every phase of our client’s sales cycle. Our comprehensive curriculum includes sales and sales management, strategy, negotiations, and service training delivered though seminars, one-on-one and team coaching and interactive eLearning. Leveraging more than 20 years of seminar and consulting experience, Richardson now offers Richardson QuickSkills as a flexible, interactive, high-impact eLearning alternative to our clients worldwide. The Richardson QuickSkills are powered by Docent Enterprise™ (NASDAQ: DCNT), an award-winning Learning Management System. For more information, visit

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