Richardson Executives Featured on SellingPower TV

Richardson Executives Featured on SellingPower TV

Philadelphia, PA — May 28, 2009 Richardson , a leading sales training and performance improvement firm, today announced that Richardson Executives, David DiStefano, President and CEO, and Frank Donny, SVP will be featured on SellingPower TV.

Both Mr. DiStefano and Mr. Donny were invited to discuss some of the latest challenges that are facing today’s salesforces, including how to deliver value in a tough economy, innovation in sales, and effective pipeline management. The Richardson Team has been frequent guests on SellingPower TV, bringing perspective and insight developed from providing performance improvement solutions for some of the world’s largest sales teams.

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Richardson develops customized and comprehensive sales training and performance improvement solutions for sales, sales management, and customer service professionals that integrate with an organization’s business strategy, sales challenges, and overall vision to improve sales skills, increase performance, and drive results. The company’s 30-year dedication to changing the behaviors of sales professionals and innovation has made Richardson one of the largest global sales training and performance improvement providers today. Clients around the world choose Richardson for their “go beyond” approach and broad platform of customizable sales training and technology solutions. We deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end training platform that includes online diagnostics, fully customized live and online training programs, continuous coaching processes, reinforcement tools and techniques, and performance support applications. Richardson continues to be on the front line of sales training innovation in the development of leading edge solutions that help clients generate revenue faster and more cost-effective than ever before.

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