30 Great Strategies for Sales Success: As Seen in Selling Power Magazine

Management lessons from the first Selling Power Sales Leadership Conference

The most valuable knowledge doesn’t come from canned speeches or PowerPoint presentations. If you want to know what works in real life, ask the managers who have brought their organizations to the pinnacle of sales success.That’s what Selling Power did.On October 26, 2005, we invited 150 of the top sales professionals in the country for an interactive event to create solutions for greater sales success. It would be impossible, in a single article, to capture the energy and excitement of the conference or encapsulate the 2,000 years of sales management experience that was gathered into a single room. However, we were able to harvest 30 top strategies that you can put in place - today - in order to create a more effective sales organization that yields higher productivity higher sales and greater customer satisfaction.

By Geoffrey James - Illustration by David Gothard

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