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Trusted Advisor Training Program

Become an Integral Part of Your Customer’s Business with Trusted Advisor Training

According to Forrester Research, only one in ten executives get value from meetings with salespeople. This statistic represents a serious challenge for any selling organization. It also represents an opportunity.

Sales professionals who are able to act as true business partners and deeply understand their customers’ businesses and needs will have very little competition in the field. But achieving trust advisor status takes time, serious preparation, a strategic mindset, a willingness to be a student of your customer’s business, and the ability to bring valuable ideas and experience.

Trusted Advisor Training Program

Richardson’s Trusted Advisor Training Program teaches a five-part Framework and skills to develop a trusted, preferred provider position with your key accounts.

The program helps participants to think in-depth about the behaviors of a trusted advisor, self-assess where they are currently in the Customer Relationship Pyramid, and analyze best practices of top-performing advisors.

Participants learn to have higher-level dialogues with customers about their current and long-term objectives, challenges, strategies, and opportunities and then strategically build recommendations and position value while demonstrating insight and technical substance. Participants practice these strategies in highly customized scenarios and develop a tailored action plan for a priority relationship.

Business Objectives of the Trusted Advisor Training Program

After completing the trusted advisor training program your sales team will be better equipped to drive results for your business because of their improved ability to:

  • Bolster customer loyalty and retention
  • Shorten sales cycles and competitive threats
  • Decrease fee pressure and increase margins and profitability
  • Gain higher, wider access to more effectively cross-sell and expand relationships

Learning Objectives of the Trusted Advisor Training Program

The trusted advisor training program builds skills to help your sales team better execute the following behaviors:

  • Use a common language, Framework, and process for building trusted relationships, ensuring you are “invited to the table” as a valued sounding board
  • Executing deeper, more strategic customer dialogues to uncover needs
  • More persuasively and proactively position yourself and your team as a continuous source of ideas
  • Use a Relationship Planning tool and methodology for proactive, daily action planning that more effectively leverages time and team resources

Program Delivery

Trusted Advisor training is available as a one-day instructor-led training program, it is also available via synchronous virtual delivery.

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