Sales Prospecting and Referrals Training Program

Open Doors to New Opportunities with Strategic Sales Prospecting Training

Demand generation and building and managing a sales pipeline is the lifeblood of any sales organization. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to access decision makers. How many professionals do you know have the time and interest to willingly pick up the phone and engage in an unsolicited conversation? Successful sales prospecting now requires a more strategic approach that builds trust, adds value to the prospect, and creates a foundation for a win-win relationship.

Sales Prospecting Training

Richardson’s Sales Prospecting Training and Referrals Program helps salespeople develop the three most critical components to successful strategic prospecting:

  1. the skill to have a need-based dialogue with an executive that immediately begins to differentiate you and your organization and persuasively position your value;
  2. the strategic insight to develop an effective strategic Prospecting Plan; and
  3. the confidence and discipline to execute the Plan.

Participants learn a strategic Prospecting Model that serves as a roadmap for an executive conversation and work through the psychology that drives each part of the Model so they can more realistically “think like a prospect.” Highly customized cases and exercises simulate the exact prospecting challenges salespeople face in their individual organizations to increase the potential for securing a meeting with an executive on the first contact.

Business Outcomes of Sales Prospecting Training

  • Increase the number of contacts made and meetings scheduled
  • Build the quality and integrity of qualified leads at the top of the pipeline
  • Generate more leads by better leveraging referral sources and Centers of Influence

Learning Objectives of Sales Prospecting Training

  • Provide a consistent strategy, Model, and skills for making more compelling prospecting calls
  • Master the key mechanics of delivering a needs-based message at the very start of the executive conversation through an efficiently researched Hinge and persuasive Need/Benefit Statement
  • Develop an actionable, measurable Prospecting Plan that lives on after the training and delivers quantifiable results
  • Provide strategies to overcome the biggest obstacles to making contact with executives: objections, voicemail, and gatekeepers

Program Delivery

Sales Prospecting and Referrals training is available as a one or two-day instructor-led training program or via asynchronous and synchronous virtual delivery.

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