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Sales Presentation Skills Training Program

Beat the Competition with Sales Presentation Skills Training

Most selling organizations spend a great deal of time and energy on creating strategies and improving skill to sell against their competitors. Yet often, the biggest competition that a salesperson faces is “no decision.”

Salespeople need to make a compelling case to get customers to act and to get them to understand the risk of doing nothing or staying with the status quo. While making a compelling point can occur at any time in the sales process, a sales presentation is often the best opportunity to clearly lay out the case for change to a large group of stakeholders and motivate them to agree on moving forward.

Sales Presentation Skills Training Program

Richardson’s Sales Presentation Skills program helps salespeople and their teams win business by delivering a consultative, customer-focused presentation that actively involves customers. This interactive approach helps a salesperson validate, continuously throughout the sales presentation, how the customer perceives the overall message, solution, and team, while uncovering objections and gauging how well they are differentiating from the competition. This two-way dialogue enables any adjustments to be made immediately during the sales presentation to generate more positive win rates while allowing for objections to be resolved and questions to be answered. Participants learn to manage nervousness and enhance delivery and learn a Presentation Framework to more effectively craft a persuasive message matched to customer needs. Participants can be videotaped for intensive one-on-one coaching and feedback.

Business Outcomes of the Sales Presentation Skills Program

  • Deliver a more persuasive presentation message that differentiates and meets customer needs to win more business quicker
  • Guide the decision-making process by gaining customer feedback, making immediate adjustments, or providing information as necessary during a presentation to save deals that may otherwise be lost

Learning Objectives of the Sales Presentation Skills Program

  • Increase salespeople’s effectiveness in preparing for and delivering all types of sales presentations (formal vs. informal, final presentation, capabilities discussion, internal, etc.), either individually or as a team
  • Learn a common Sales Presentation Framework and skills to more actively involve customers (achieve a 70/30 ratio) and receive immediate feedback on the solution, team, differentiation, pricing, and approach to allow for adjustments to win the business
  • Refine both physical delivery skills and messaging skills, including presentation strategy, positioning, and differentiation

Program Delivery

Sales Presentation Skills is available as a one or two-day instructor-led training program with follow-up one-on-one or team Real Deal Presentation Coaching to create a winning edge for priority sales presentations.