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Sales and Marketing Alignment Training

Increase your team's win rate through sales and marketing alignment

A repeatable process for developing high-value messaging builds a strong foundation for sales and marketing alignment

For many organizations, a great divide persists between marketing and sales which causes many inefficiencies in the business. To help organizations overcome these challenges, Richardson Sales Performance offers consulting services that enable clients to adopt a sales and marketing alignment methodology to establish a repeatable process for developing high-value messaging for practical use by both marketing and sales.

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2-4 Day ILT Workshop, Four to Eight 4-hour VILT Workshops

Sales and Marketing Alignment Services Overview

The sales and marketing alignment methodology consists of two parts: a solution messaging development process, leading to sales tool development.

  • Solution Messaging is a learnable, repeatable process that can be adopted by any marketing team. It enables marketers to accurately identify key buyer personas and their critical business issues and opportunities, prioritize the issues addressed by a solution, and develop strategic market messaging for positioning the value of a solution to prospective buyers.
  • A Sales Tool Build generates a tailored set of content that helps salespeople to sell the value of specific solutions to buyers. This set includes communications, plans, and templates that facilitate the successful execution of each step in a dynamic buyer-aligned sales process.

The two parts of Sales and Marketing Alignment enable marketing to support the sales effort with clear and practical guidance about what to say, to whom, and in the right way to convey the full value of solutions to buyers. This enables sales teams to achieve their goals more easily, consistently and rapidly.

Sales and Marketing Alignment Consulting Services Deliverables

The sales and marketing alignment consulting engagement typically consists of:

  • A two-day Solution Messaging workshop with a product marketing team, to learn and apply the methodology to a real solution
  • A two-day Sales Tool Build workshop with a marketing team, complemented with representatives from sales, to construct selling content pertinent to a specific solution

Both workshops can be facilitated with the use of automated tools, which capture the results of application exercises and speeds the development of effective sales content.

Our consultants may also work with clients to iterate on the deliverables produced in each workshop, to refine and improve their quality, and to ensure that the marketing team can apply the methodology independently, going forward.

sales marketing consulting

Worksheet: Checklist for Marketing Alignment

Explore trends affecting the manufacturing industry


Deep & modern sales curriculum enables you to develop your individual sellers against role-based competencies while achieving consistency across teams.

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Our customization approach ensures we fully reflect your unique selling environment while leveraging best-in-class training content to ensure efficiency and relevancy.

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A modern delivery approach that includes live and virtual training workshops in which participants learn and practice skills complemented with a digital, blended learning journey that reinforces, sustains, and certifies desired behaviors.

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Build agile selling skills within your sales teams so that they can lead customers through a new, dynamic and digital buying journey. Agile selling skills and an outcome-focused pursuit plan are the future of selling.

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Our technology provides visibility into performance so that we can measure progress and deliver real-time insights.

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Our Impact

  • 900Global Clients

  • 3.5M+Individuals Trained

  • 12%5-12% Increase in Revenue

  • 24%Improvement in skill efficiency

  • 35%Increase in knowledge proficiency

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