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Build Persuasion and Influencing Skills to Build Strong Relationships

Successful selling today requires a team. Sales professionals need skills that enable them to partner successfully with internal cross-functional teams by building persuasion and influencing skills.

Internal Influence and Persuasion Training Program

Richardson Sales Performance’s Internal Influence and Persuasion program provides sales professionals with the persuasion and influencing skills, styles and strategies needed to create and strengthen internal partnerships.

Participants build influencing and persuading skills that help them to gain buy-in, motivate cross-functional teams, lead productive team strategy sessions and plan team calls.

This influencing and persuading skills training program can also be customized for non-selling roles who need to influence and persuade internal team members.

Internal Influence and Persuasion Training Program Learning Objectives

Upon completing the internal influence and persuasion training program your sales team will be better able to:

  • Prepare for and conduct Influence and Persuasion Dialogues
  • Connect effectively with team members (establish credibility and create dialogues)
  • Position expectations and evidence in a clear, concise, compelling manner
  • Effectively resolve objections and resistance
  • Ask for commitment to action steps
  • Follow up effectively

Internal Influence and Persuasion Training Program Business Outcomes

Upon completing the internal influence and persuasion training program your sales team will experience the following business benefits:

  • Increased win ratios
  • Increased customer retention and customer focus
  • Increased deal velocity through the pipeline
  • Improved efficiency and collaboration within teams to support customers

Program Delivery

Internal Influence and Persuasion is available as a one-day instructor-led training program. It is also available via synchronous virtual delivery or in the virtual instructor-led training format.

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