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Evidence Based Solution Selling® Training Program

Healthcare solution providers are in the midst of a paradigm shift in their business model, which creates new expectations for sales professionals in the life sciences industry.

To succeed today, healthcare and life sciences sales representatives need to be more than dispensers of product information. They must be prepared to help healthcare providers and organizations solve clinical and business problems based on the best available clinical evidence.

Evidence-Based Solution Selling® (EBSS®) is a repeatable methodology that gives sales representatives the clinical selling skills and tools they need to provide the customer experience that healthcare providers expect.

Evidence Based Solution Selling Training Program for Healthcare Sales Professionals

EBSS® is based on a validated competency model. To help sellers learn and master EBSS®, the training program uses a multi-step process based on Bloom’s taxonomy to develop highly effective clinical selling skills and abilities. The EBSS® program includes pre-work for knowledge acquisition, 2 four-hour virtual instructor-led training sessions for knowledge application, and post-training reinforcement tools for managers.

EBSS® enables representatives to leverage the principles of evidence-based medicine to:

  1. Understand the validity, statistical significance, and clinical relevance of the data that supports their brand
  2. Link clinical findings to brand-based solutions
  3. Conduct a consultative dialogue in using the language of evidence-based medicine

Learning Objectives of the Evidence Based Solution Selling for Healthcare Sales Training Program

EBSS® provides sales representatives with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to establish and build their credibility while delivering patient-oriented solutions based on the needs and goals of the healthcare provider.

The unique combination of EBM with Solution Selling® gives sales representatives the situational fluency needed to improve their access, credibility, and market share with buyers.

The program trains healthcare sales professionals to:

  • Understand Study Design and Statistical Terms: Participants will understand study design and statistical terms and how they affect the validity, statistical significance, and clinical relevance of a clinical study. They will define terms related to EBM and integrate them into a dialogue to establish their credibility.
  • Critically Appraise a Clinical Study: Participants will learn the most effective way to read a clinical study, as well as how to critically appraise a clinical study to understand the validity, significance, and relevance of a study.
  • Link Key Approved Messages to Key Study Findings: Participants will practice Linking key approved product messages, key findings from approved clinical studies.
  • Sell with EBSS®: Participants identify the steps of your call process and explain where EBM can be used.
  • Lead the EBSS® Call: Participants practice conducting a consultative, EBSS® call given several realistic selling opportunities.

Benefits of the Evidence Based Solution Selling for Healthcare Sales Training Program

EBSS® empowers healthcare and life sciences sales professionals to deliver a differentiated customer experience that drives revenue and builds long term relationships by building a sales team that:

  • Helps healthcare industry buyers make valid, relevant decisions
  • Leverages clinical data to establish the value of their product
  • Conducts consultative, evidence-based conversations
  • Establishes trust and credibility with physicians and other healthcare buyers
  • Wins more business and achieve sales goals

Evidence Based Solution Selling® Training Program Audience

EBSS® is designed for teams that sell to healthcare providers or major accounts that incorporate the principles of EBM into their decision-making process, such as:

  • Primary Care Sales Professionals
  • Specialty Sales Professionals
  • Regional/National Sales Managers
  • Group Practices Account Managers
  • Hospital Sales Professionals
  • Medical Science Liaisons
  • Sales Managers

Program Delivery

The Evidence Based Solution Selling® Training Program is delivered in a virtual instructor-led format which includes:

  • 2 four-hour workshop sessions
  • Zoom video conferencing technology
  • Accelerate™ digital learning platform for pre-workshop learning
  • This program can be further customized if scoped

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