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High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues Training

Drive Momentum By Engaging In Higher-Stakes Dialogues With Customers

The buying journey is complex, dynamic, and increasingly subject to stalls and delays. To thrive in today’s environment, sales professionals need to proactively drive momentum by engaging in higher-stakes dialogues with the customer that drive alignment, clarify thinking, and drive differentiated value.

What is a high-stakes dialogue? A high-stakes dialogue is a dialogue with the propensity for greater risk and reward.

advanced dialogues risks and rewards

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Richardson’s High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues Program

Richardson’s High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues program is a collection of dialogue models that apply an advanced consultative approach, skills, and techniques to engage in higher-stakes dialogues needed to advance alignment, drive momentum, and win deals.

As customers progress through the buying journey, they are continually integrating more information and people into the process, refining their thinking, and aligning on how to proceed. This program provides guidance on how sales professionals can help the customer to align in each stage of the journey around the decision to buy and the decision to buy from you.

The program will teach your team to:

  • Assert their perspective by developing and sharing a clear and compelling point of view message in a way that creates openness and receptivity on the part of the customer to see a new or different perspective
  • Raise risk to preempt late stage concerns and address stalls or delays
  • Uncover and address critical areas of stakeholder misalignment needed to reach agreement on the right course of action
  • Move beyond their comfort zone and gain a current contact’s agreement to arrange a meeting with a senior-level decision maker

Check out a short video where Richardson’s experts outline the three essential capabilities for winning a high-stakes sale.

For more information about what it takes to take your team’s sales conversations to the next level download a complimentary copy of Richardson’s White Paper: High-Stakes Customer Conversations  here.

Business Benefits of the High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues Training

  • Increase win rates and deal size
  • Reduce sales cycle duration
  • Improve resource utlization

Learning Objectives of the High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues Training

  • Gain confidence and skill in engaging in higher-stakes dialogues to advance alignment and drive momentum.
    • Uptier to senior-level stakeholders
    • Guide and assert thinking to clarify and strengthen the customer’s case for change
    • Raise risk to preempt late-stage concerns and address stalls or delays
    • Align stakeholders by understanding and resolving areas of internal misalignment
  • Use advanced Positioning Techniques to effectively frame a discussion, assert your perspective, raise risk, and advance alignment
  • Use advanced Checking Skills to encourage the customer to think more deeply about a topic and fully consider your viewpoint

Delivery Options

Richardson’s High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues program is a blended offering that includes:

Richardson’s Accelerate™ Digital Learning Platform for:

  • Online assessment
  • Pre-workshop learning
  • Post-workshop sustainment activities
  • Measurement tools and reporting

Mobile mastery tool, QuickCheck, to drive knowledge retention

Two-day, facilitator-led workshop

Train-the-trainer option

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