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Keep Playing to Win!


We hope that you enjoyed the Selling Skills Workshops we led at the 2020 Sales Summit. In our four decades of experience helping sales professionals improve the way they show up in front of clients, we have seen that in order for the concepts learned in training workshops to stick, learning can’t end in the classroom. To improve your dialogue skills in the long term, you always have to keep learning. 

Refer back to this page to find thought leadership that will help the skills and concepts you learned in training stay fresh in your mind.  

Elevate Your Consultative Selling Approach to Compete Today 

There is no second act in selling. Buyers have too many options and not enough time. When your salespeople show up, they must be exceptional – cutting through the noise and distilling what matters most. 

In Richardson Sales Performance’s White Paper, Elevate Your Consultative Selling Approach to Compete Today, we examine the recent changes in the buying process and how sellers can up their game and stand out in front of buyers. The white paper outlines: 

    • How to foster trust and encourage openness from buyers 
    • Buyer psychology and the behavioral science behind how buyers form impressions, make judgments and arrive at decisions 
    • Seven guiding principles of a modern consultative selling approach that resonates with today’s buyers 

Click here to download the complimentary white paper. 

Building Trust: A Customer-Focused Selling Approach 

Trust precedes every successful sale. 

Without first earning the customer’s trust, even the most effective, proven solution will not compel the decision makers to buy. 

In Richardson Sales Performance’s eBook, Building Trust: A Customer-Focused Selling Approach, we detail the specific steps that sales professionals must take to earn, grow, and sustain the customer’s trust. 

We explain: 

    • The three ways to reduce the customer’s cynicism 
    • The principles for making your value explicit, not implicit 
    • The four steps for rebuilding damaged trust 
    • The key steps for better preparation before customer conversations 

Click here to download the complimentary eBook. 

The Psychology of Selling: Understanding How the Customer Thinks 

Research tells us that buyers rely on more than logic — they rely on emotion. In Richardson Sales Performance’s eBook, The Psychology of Selling — Understanding How the Customer Thinks, we look at a dozen studies to uncover the psychological principles driving the customer’s decision-making process. Complete the form to download the complimentary eBook and learn more. 

Click here to download the complimentary eBook.