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Sales Management and Coaching Training

Improve Forecasting and Pipeline Visibility With Sales Management Training

Sales managers need a repeatable, easy-to-master process for quickly reviewing their team’s sales pipelines and opportunities to provide meaningful and objectively-based coaching that improves their sales team skills.

Richardson Sales Performance’s Sales Management and Coaching Training Program

The Sales Management and Coaching training program provides an overview of common sales management challenges and teaches sales managers to overcome them. In the training program, your sales management team learns how to analyze opportunities and then engage their sellers in an effective opportunity review coaching conversations.

They learn how to perform a pipeline review to identify the potential yield of current opportunities, recognize stuck opportunities, and find ways to close gaps in individual seller’s pipes.

Your sales managers will also develop skills and a plan to support the implementation of new processes and methodologies across the organization. The result is a repeatable process illustrated in the image below.

sales management training process

Learning Objectives of the Sales Management and Coaching Program

This program is designed to provide a repeatable and highly efficient inspection and coaching cadence, Sales Management and Coaching training teaches sales managers to:

    • Forecast future business based on observable facts
    • Identify potential problems in the sales pipeline or funnel
    • Anticipate and avoid sales team performance issues
    • Project whether sales goals will be achieved, as far as a year ahead
    • Close sales productivity gaps without the typical end-of-quarter scramble
    • Accurately assess the quality of individual opportunities in the sales pipeline in only a few minutes
    • Coach salespeople to improve the chances of winning sales opportunities
    • Develop each individual seller’s sales skills and abilities

Business Benefits of the Sales Management and Coaching Training Program

Organization’s whose sales managers have completed the program will improve their business outcomes by:

    • Improving sales pipeline forecast accuracy
    • Improving the ability of sales leadership to make investment decisions
    • Reducing costs and improving profitability
    • Embedding a repeatable process for sales performance throughout the organization

Program Audience and Delivery

The Sales Management and Coaching training program is designed for first-line and second-line sales managers and executives. It naturally complements and supports the Solution Selling methodology, but can be tailored for use in any direct sales organization.

The program is available as a one-day instructor-led workshop or via virtual instructor-led training.

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