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Leaders Leading Change® Training Program

Maximize Your Sales Training Investment with Leadership Sponsorship

Research points to an alarming conclusion:  leading and managing organizational change initiatives are exceedingly difficult. Typically, 70% of change efforts do not achieve the desired outcomes. In fact, 52% fail with no evidence of change, and in some cases, change efforts result in long-term damage to the sales organization.

Given these disturbing statistics, Richardson takes a systematic approach to the sales change management process that will enable you to address the needs of the multiple stakeholders and constituents upon whom the success of your initiative depends.

Sales organizations focusing solely on change at the level of the individual salespeople and the frontline Sales Managers do not maximize their investments or minimize their risks in driving a successful sales development initiative. To address this gap, our senior consultants can facilitate a process to guide your leaders to define and embrace their roles in sponsoring this initiative and to drive adoption of sustained behavior change through the ranks of the organization.

Sales leaders implementing change management in their organizations typically experience three levels of engagement before they are ready to effect change. The three levels are:

  • Envisioning the Change
  • Owning the Change
  • Initiating the Change

Central to successful organizational change are visible and engaged senior leaders who actively sponsor this strategic change in your sales force. To support your senior leadership in their roles as change sponsors, we offer a change management workshop tailored specifically to help them communicate and reinforce new, key selling behaviors.

Business Benefits & Objectives of Richardson’s Change Management Training

As a result of active engagement before, during, and after the Leaders Leading Change® Program, senior and executive sales leaders will:

  • Be prepared to play an active, visible, and supportive role in the organizational change
  • Be ready to communicate a consistent and compelling Change Story that connects changes in salespeople’s and frontline sales managers’ behaviors to achievement of business goals and objectives
  • Know how to change the dialogues that they have with their direct reports about the adoption of the new organizational change in order to reinforce new behaviors throughout all levels of the sales force

Learning Objectives of Leaders Leading Change® Management Training Program

At the end of the change management program, participants will be able to:

  • Communicate the connections between an individual’s daily behaviors that contribute to the achievement of important business and sales objectives
  • Assess the degree of change taking place using behavior-based, open-ended Adoption Questions to improve the quality of their sales dialogues with their direct reports
  • Use Adoption Questions to improve the quality of their dialogues with their direct reports
  • Plan immediate action to begin visibly sponsoring and managing the change within the sales organization

Program Delivery

Leaders Leading Change®  is available as a one-day instructor-led training program.  It is also available via asynchronous and synchronous virtual delivery.

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