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Sales Diagnostic Assessments

As you strive to develop your team so that each valued member is contributing at the highest level of performance, it would be helpful to know how each sales professional and sales manager “stacks up” to the very best in terms of strengths and areas for improvement.  Especially if you were investing in sales training, this data would help you to precisely focus the content of the training on skill gaps to get the maximum return on your investment.

Richardson’s Diagnostic Assessments provide valuable information to develop high-performing teams.  Based on Richardson’s 30-plus years of research and global observation of what makes top salespeople and their managers successful, the Assessments provide an easy, on-demand tool to identify competency levels, benchmark alignment, and diagnose training needs.  Respondents complete a confidential, online behavior-based survey that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.  They then receive a detailed confidential performance analysis that compares their self-assessment with the assessment of others and provides comparison with organizational norms. 


  • Improve return on investment through pre-training identification of skills gaps
  • Provide management with insightful data to prioritize short- and long-term organizational training and development objectives
  • Optimize the classroom training experience since participants will arrive with a greater appreciation for the training and a more positive, open mindset
  • Provide even the most tenured sales professionals with a self-assessment diagnostic (option for 180° or 360°) on how they perceive their own sales process and skills to identify skill gaps, foster self-awareness, and increase their openness and commitment to development
  • Increase the impact of sales managers as coaches by providing them with insights into their coaching process through a 180° to 360° diagnostic based on how they perceive themselves and are perceived by their direct reports and managers

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