Sales Training Programs

Sales Training Programs

What are some of the biggest challenges facing sales organizations today?

As a global sales training firm, Richardson has had the opportunity to partner with some of the world’s leading organizations to provide comprehensive solutions and sales training programs for their sales teams to improve sales performance and achieve their revenue goals.

The Right Sales Training Program Will Help Your Team Meet its Goals

In an increasingly competitive business environment, sales training programs continue to be an critical piece of your team’s success. An “off-the-shelf” training solution is seldom sophisticated enough to address the complex training needs of your sales organization.

Richardson customizes its sales training programs taking into consideration your team’s goals and the challenges it faces in meeting them.

Whether your team is struggling to create a meaningful dialogue with potential customers, or they are failing during the sales negotiations process, Richardson’s experienced curriculum design and expert facilitators create a sales training program that will increase your team’s selling abilities.

How Richardson Creates Sales Programs

As part of our detailed sales training customization process Richardson uses a proprietary methodology for acquiring, understanding, and analyzing your organization to help us provide a custom and relevant sales training program solution that can be implemented immediately for instant results.

Our dynamic facilitators engage your sales team and challenge them to build skills that will help them improve their sales dialogues with potential customers. There are many different sales training programs available through Richardson, and each one is customizable to fit your team’s specific sales challenges while considering unique conversations that might be occurring in your industry.

Richardson Sales Training Programs

Richardson has a deep library of core content upon which we base the foundation of your customized sales training solution. Our consultative selling skills training program is our most popular sales training program offering. Focusing on helping sales professionals develop a consultative selling framework based on Richardson’s six critical skills. At the completion of this program the members of your sales team should be better prepared to engage in need-based dialogue that will help them more effectively execute their sales conversations. In addition to the consultative selling course, Richardson offers sales training programs in proficiencies including; selling with insights, sales coaching training, sales negotiations training, trusted advisor training, and more.

  • Consultative Sales Training Programs

    Consultative sales skills dramatically improve the quality of sales calls.

  • Sales Negotiation Skills Training Course

    Sales Negotiation Training Programs Teach the Framework for Closing Better Deals

  • Selling with Insights

    Selling with Insights sales training differentiates sellers teaching them to add value for clients.

  • High Performance Selling

    The High Performance Selling solution is a powerful combination of sales methodology and training.

  • Sales Coaching Training

    Transform Sales Managers into Sales Coaches with Developmental Sales Coaching Training

  • Trusted Advisor Training Program

    Richardson’s Trusted Advisor Sales Training Program teaches a five-part Framework and skills to develop a trusted, preferred provider position with your key accounts. Build skills at having deeper, more strategic client dialogues to uncover needs.

  • Strategic Account Management & Development Training

    Partner with Richardson to Build Your Strategic Account Management Plan

  • Improve Knowledge Retention of Training with QuickCheck

    QuickCheck Uses Mobile Devices to Deliver Daily, Bite-Sized Learning Opportunities

  • Real Deal Coaching

    Just-in-time, real deal coaching with an expert to help execute and close deals. Real Deal coaches are available face-to-face, by telephone, or via web to individual salespeople or teams to help following classroom or web-based training with any phase of selling.