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Steve Dodman

Chief Sales Officer

As Chief Sales Officer, Steve Dodman leads Richardson Sales Performance’s global sales organization, providing leadership, direction, and an executive vision to ensure alignment with the company’s financial and strategic goals.

With 18 years’ experience driving revenue, profitability, and performance in the professional services industry, Steve brings strong business acumen and creative energy to high-performing teams.  Working collaboratively across sales, marketing, program delivery, and product management, Steve is responsible for leading the sales team in their pursuits to create customized solutions for their clients, taking them to their next level of performance.

Prior to joining Richardson Sales Performance, Steve held senior level sales and marketing positions with SiriusDecisions, Technology Business Management Council, IDG, and GBMP.  His experience includes defining and executing go-to-market strategies, building award-winning sales teams, and developing strategic partnerships.

Steve holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Massachusetts and a Master’s Degree in Global Business and Entrepreneurship from Babson College.  He was selected as an Emerging Leader in the City of Boston and is currently a fellow at the Center for Collaborative Leadership.

Steve recognizes that the role of the sales professional is changing rapidly.  Products, services and the challenges faced by clients have become more complex.  At the same time, buyers have become more sophisticated and have many more options to choose from when solving challenges and seizing opportunities.  These factors require progressives sales professionals to elevate their role from product expert to trusted advisor.

“The High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues training program can serve to differentiate your offerings from all others and create a unique customer experience. Richardson Sales Performance’s Connected Selling Curriculum™ can be used to build and develop modern selling competencies to elevate the role of sales and help you win, keep and grow more clients.”

Steve resides just outside of Boston with his family.

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