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Chris Tiné

SVP & Chief Product Officer

Chris Tiné is SVP and Chief Product Officer at Richardson Sales Performance. He leads the company’s product development and innovation activities, including global responsibility for Content Development, Data Analytics, and Digital Products.

Prior to joining Richardson Sales Performance, Chris was Vice President of Product Development at TwentyEighty Strategy Execution and Head of Product Solutions at Macmillan Learning, where he led a full redesign of the company’s higher education interactive courseware products.

Chris brings together expertise in digital consumer and education products with a background in media production. From 2007 – 2013, he worked at NBC News as a digital content producer and digital product leader. He helped launch and NBC Learn — the company’s first digital education businesses — and, in 2011, was tapped as Head of Digital for NBC News Education Nation, where his responsibilities included websites, blogs, social media, interactive journalism, and content partnerships.

Chris is a strong believer in the ways that Enterprise Agility and agile principles can positively impact your business. His team developed the Momentum Methodology, which is based on agile principles to give sellers an edge in a complex and rapidly changing business environment.

“I love our new Intentional Pursuit Strategy training program because it puts the Momentum Methodology into practice to help sellers iterate in real-time, and welcome changing customer requirements”

Chris is the recipient of a 2010 Emmy Award, four Emmy nominations, and a 2012 Webby Award. He lives in New York City. Follow him on Instagram.

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