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Join Richardson in a city near you for an interactive, one-day workshop for senior sales and learning leaders.

In this workshop, we will explore the competing forces at play for sales organizations today and why those that gain competitive advantage do so by being prepared to quickly flex and adapt.

Hear from Richardson executives, field experts, and your peers on topics like:

  • How and when to pivot between deeply understanding customer needs and asserting a point of view to reframe customer thinking
  • The delicate and necessary balance of selling to logic and emotion
  • The power of contrast to incite customer action while protecting trusted advisor status
  • Shifting the organization’s mindset on key account management while mastering the skills required to execute the strategic account plan

This short, high-impact workshop will feature the following sessions:

Advanced Selling with High-Stakes Customer Dialogues: Learn a new and advanced set of selling skills your teams need to reframe customer thinking to strengthen the case for change, raise risk to preempt late-stage concerns, and align stakeholders to drive consensus to buy from your organization

Winning Complex Sales with an Intentional Pursuit Strategy:  As the buying journey becomes more complex and dynamic, sales professionals often find themselves in a daily state of crisis — reacting to customer changes and competitor moves. Learn how to equip your sales professionals to think and act proactively and strategically when pursuing complex opportunities to increase their chances of winning and shorten the sales cycle.

Driving Key Account Growth with a Prosperous Account Strategy: Learn why creating a customer-centric account planning approach will help your sales teams align with customer priorities, deliver consistent value, and focus on the unserved “white space” within a customer’s business.

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