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Join Richardson in a city near you for an interactive, one-day workshop for senior sales leaders. Learn the latest strategies and techniques to overcome your biggest barrier to growth, buyers who stick with the status quo. Hear from Richardson executives, field experts, and your peers on the reasons why buyers are typically wired to stay put and what your sales professionals can do to influence their thinking and drive momentum in the sale.


Click on one of the following links to learn when we’re coming to a city near you:


This short, high-impact workshop will feature the following sessions:

Behavioral Science and the Status Quo: Learn about the behavioral science behind why buyers resist change and favor the status quo and what you and your sales professionals can do to overcome the challenge

Storytelling and Data: C‐level executives are developing trust in analytic insights.  But hard numbers rarely sell alone and certainly don’t appeal to the emotional side of buying.  Learn how to leverage the power of Storytelling to make data consumable and persuasive in the sale.

Critical Selling Metrics: The path to clear selling momentum lies in looking at the right metrics at the right time.  Learn about the most critical selling metrics to keep in your sights when investing in improving sales professional performance.

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