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Coaching the Coach Training

Build a Coaching Culture That Drives Results

Build a Coaching Culture That Drives Results

Sales coaching delivers results, and sales managers who get coached are more likely to coach their team. The key to building an organisation-wide coaching culture is having a common process.

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Sales Leaders
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Virtual instructor-led
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1/2 or 2 - Day ILT Workshop; One or Two 4-hour VILT Workshops

Coaching the Coach Training Programme

Richardson Sales Performance’s Coach the Coach Programme provides a process senior managers can use to prepare for and engage in successful dialogues.

The programme gives senior managers the confidence and skills to overcome common coaching challenges including:

  • Resistance from managers who feel they are too experienced to be coached
  • Reluctance from managers who feel threatened that they will not be perceived as effective if they receive coaching

Using a four-part Sprint Coaching Framework senior managers learn to provide incremental feedback directly linked to achieving business objectives.

Senior managers learn how to coach using a strategic process and questioning skills to help their sales managers self identify obstacles and create their own solutions (learn more here).

Business Benefits of the Coaching the Coach Training Programme

Upon completion of the Coach the Coach Training programme your business will experience the following benefits:

  • Creation of an organisation-wide coaching culture that drives business performance
  • Building a team of sales managers who serve as resources to the managers who report to them and provide more valued support, information, guidance, and reinforcement
  • Building a team of senior sales managers who continue to grow in their roles and make significant contributions to growing the business and developing client relationships
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Coaching the Coach Programme Brochure

Find out how the Coaching the Coach programme helps senior managers build skills to develop their manager's coaching skills.


Key Areas of Content

  • Developmental Coaching Process

    We provide senior managers with a Developmental Coaching process and skills to use in coaching their managers to increase business results and create a culture of ongoing development.

  • Support Senior Managers

    Ensure sales managers role model exceptional coaching skills, reinforce the business strategy, and support managers and their teams in meeting revenue goals and building long-term client relationships.

  • Next Level of Leadership Effectiveness

    Increase senior managers’ awareness of their existing coaching approach, provide them with feedback, and support them in reaching the next level in leadership effectiveness.

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