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Consultative Inside Sales Training Programme

Unlock the Potential of Your Inside Sales Team with Consultative Training

Automated sales tools have created new efficiencies for field and inside sales teams. These solutions make it possible to reach more customers without in-person meetings or travel.

Success with this model cannot come from volume alone. More customer conversations will not move the needle unless you provide your team with sales training for telesales that equips them with skills and strategies to drive value in each interaction.

inside sales training program

Richardson Sales Performance’s Consultative Inside Sales Training Programme

The Consultative Inside Sales training programme trains sales professionals who sell over the phone to connect solutions to needs and drive tailored value.

It offers a specific framework designed to fit the inside sales model. Sales professionals learn about the biases and psychological principles at work in customer interactions and how to navigate them.

This infographic details the rise in the importance of inside sales.

inside sales

For more information click here to download the white paper, Unlock the Potential of Inside Sales with a Consultative Approach, and explore ideas for motivating customers without the cost and time commitment of in-person meetings.

Consultative Inside Sales Training Programme Learning Objectives

Upon completing the Consultative Inside Sales training programme, your team will be better able to:

  • Prepare in a systematic and efficient manner for each outbound telesales call with a clear sales objective to achieve
  • Use telesales training to connect with customers on inbound and outbound sales calls in order to increase the customer’s likelihood to engage in a meaningful dialogue
  • Explore customer’s business objectives, challenges, and needs in order to fully understand the issue and concerns driving their decision-making process
  • Highlight the company’s full offering of products and services to position a solution customised to each customer’s business objectives and challenges
  • Add value to customers by identifying and pursuing cross-selling opportunities
  • Resolve typical and challenging objections that may impede a successful telesales opportunity
  • Inspire action from customers in order to close the business or advance the sale

Consultative Inside Sales Training Programme Business Benefits

Upon completing the Consultative Inside Sales training programme, your team will experience the following business benefits:

  • Differentiation through a constant focus on satisfying your customers’ needs and continuously bringing solutions that add value with each phone call
  • Shortened sales cycle by closing more profitable opportunities faster by applying telesales skills training within your organisation
  • Expanded depth and breadth of a solution during telesales conversations through cross-selling additional products and services
  • Increased effectiveness and quality assurance of phone selling through a consistent, organization-wide sales process
  • Continuous improvement from sharing a common “language” and best practises for teleselling that increases the effectiveness of coaching sessions

Programme Delivery

Program content in Richardson Sales Performance’s sales training for telesales professionals can be customised to any level, from new to experienced sales professionals.

Richardson Sales Performance’s Consultative Inside Sales training programme is a blended offering that includes:

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