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Consultative Prospecting Training Programme

Open Doors to New Opportunities with Consultative Prospecting Training

Sales professionals need to gain access to prospects and senior decision-makers to grow business. Oftentimes, they only get one chance to do it right. Successful prospecting requires a strategic approach that builds trust, adds value, and creates a foundation for a win-win relationship.

Consultative Prospecting Programme

The Consultative Prospecting programme (learn more here) is a needs-, dialogue-, and value-based relationship approach to pursuing opportunities.

The programme includes four powerful elements that will increase your effectiveness in gaining access to prospect opportunities.

It provides a collection of dialogue models to train your sales team to effectively position value, earn new customer appointments, access senior decision makers, and make use of contacts for referrals.

Download the white paper, Prospecting in a Noisy World, to learn more about how clear, relevant messaging drives more leads.

Sales Prospecting Training Learning Objectives

Upon completing the sales prospecting training programme your sales team will be better able to:

    • Employ consistent strategies, models, and skills for making more compelling prospecting calls
    • Deliver a tailored, needs-based message at the very start of the prospect dialogue using a point of connection and a persuasive Value Statement
    • Overcome the challenges posed by gatekeepers through effective strategies and best practices
    • Up-tier to senior decision-makers in a way that makes use of existing relationships and knowledge
    • Reach new opportunities by effectively asking for customer referrals

Business Outcomes of Sales Prospecting Training

Upon completing the sales prospecting training programme (learn more here) your sales team will experience the following business benefits:

    • Increase in the number of successful new contacts made and meetings scheduled
    • Building and expanding relationships by reaching senior decision makers
    • Generating more leads by better using referral sources

Programme Delivery

Richardson’s Consultative Prospecting training is available as an online training programme via Richardson Accelerate™.

Virtual instructor-led training

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