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Discover an Agile Approach to Sales Prospecting

The Sprint ProspectingTM training programme equips your sales professionals with an agile approach to targeting, messaging, and engaging high-potential prospects to develop relationships and pursue new business opportunities with existing or new customers.



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Richardson Sales Performance’s Sprint ProspectingTM Training Programme

Pipeline is the lifeblood of any sales organisation. In today’s environment, it is critical to have an approach that helps your sellers effectively reach the right audience in a manner that captures their attention and makes them want to engage in a conversation. Our new Sprint ProspectingTM programme equips your sellers with an agile sprint methodology to create powerful messaging, engage prospects, and advance conversations.

sprint prospecting model for salesSelling Sprints are how your sales professionals move through the phases of an opportunity pursuit and engage with the customer. A sprint is a burst of activity that revolves around key moments of conversation with the customer, and consists of 3 components: Prepare-Engage-Advance. Each sprint should result in a mini close.

In our Sprint ProspectingTM programme, we teach your sales professionals how to apply selling sprints to embrace the dynamic nature of engaging and selling, and integrate specific techniques, skills, and tools to progress each interaction.

By applying selling sprints in their prospecting efforts, sales professionals will learn that each customer interaction — from an informal, social engagement to a more formal, initial meeting– arms them with knowledge needed to assess the next best move against their original objectives. This helps sales professionals to stay agile and adapt as they ultimately attempt to move prospecting efforts to more, involved selling efforts.

Applying Selling Sprints in prospecting also teaches your sales professionals how to think more objectively and strategically as they plan and execute a single sprint at a time, and adapt future sprints based on the outcome of sprints completed.

Business Benefits of Sales Prospecting Training

Upon completing the Sprint ProspectingTM training programme, your sales team will experience the following business benefits:

    • Improved ability to generate buyer receptivity through strategic targeting and relevant messaging
    • Increased volume of qualified leads and/or opportunities in the sales pipeline
    • Increased number of new contacts and meetings booked
    • Increased number of leads from referral sources

Key Areas Of Content:

Preparing with Critical Thinking

Increase your team's odds of success by improving every facet of prospecting: identifying ideal customer criteria, engaging in social environments with relevant insights, building powerful messaging to stimulate interest, and leveraging proven data to create the cadence for a successful multi-touch prospecting plan.

Engaging with Potential Customers

Learn to overcome challenges posed by gatekeepers by engaging with them in a collaborative fashion and apply a prospecting dialogue model designed to align to the prospect, leverage critical conversation skills and result in a sales appointment.

Advancing the Conversation

Ensure appropriate next steps as your sellers advance to an opportunity pursuit. Your team learns to use tools to reflect on what went well and what can be improved, and ensure they follow through on commitments made to the prospect or customer.

Content Grounded in Behavioral Science

Our content is grounded in behavioural science. The focus on behavioural science across our programme matters because we know that buyers make decisions based on both logic and emotion, an important and often overlooked component in both buying and selling. In fact, the emotional component of buying overrides the logical one. Sales professionals familiar with behavioural science concepts improve their ability to connect with customers because they have a greater understanding of their customer’s biases and their own. This helps them to more objectively evaluate opportunities and challenges, avoid aggressive behaviours, and reach their goals.

Programme Delivery Options

Our Sprint Prospecting Programme is Available in the Following Modalities

Our VILT solution leverages video and digital technology and 40+ years of sales and learning expertise. Our virtual classroom replicates the experience and impact of live, in-person training by using interactive tools such as polling, chats, and breakout groups, to ensure time for small group work like group drills and role plays.

This programme is available on our digital learning platform, sitting at the heart of a blended learning solution. It is built to engage and inspire sellers, provide real-time visibility into performance for sales managers, and drive long-term results.

Our onsite, Instructor-led workshops are an experience. We use a ‘Learn-by-Doing’ methodology, where sellers are actively participating in role plays, problem-solving, and brainstorming exercises. They also receive intensive coaching and feedback throughout the onsite programme by the best facilitators in the business.

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