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Sales Territory Management Training Programme

Target and Focus on Priority Accounts with Sales Territory Managment Training

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Remember that time is money.” While his insightful quote rings true in many circumstances, it’s especially true for a salesperson striving to maximise revenue from a territory. In today’s economy, time is more precious than ever and there is simply no place for guesswork or wasted energy when it comes to allocating resources or deciding which accounts to pursue.

Sales Territory Management Training Programme

Richardson’s Territory Management Programme helps salespeople focus first on how to segment a territory by analysing geography and prioritising current customers and prospects. Next, participants create monthly and quarterly action plans that build discipline, mandate focus and ensure smart time management. The result of this programme is to ensure salespeople are more critical and strategic at making fact-based decisions on where to invest their time.

Business Outcomes of the Sales Territory Managment Training Programme

  • Recognize the powerful revenue and relationship impact of effective sales Territory Management
  • Improve the productivity of your salesforce
  • Ensure the highest potential opportunities and accounts get the most focus

Learning Objectives of the Sales Territory Management Training Programme

  • Take ownership for and an analytical approach to running a book of business
  • Analyse prior year customers and prospects to identify strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Identify top potential customers and prospects
  • Gain insight into how to strike the right balance of opportunities and activities with regard to short- and long-term focus; A, B, and C customers; deal size; products/services;  and geographic location
  • Develop an annual sales Territory Management Plan that is used as a living document to target and focus energy on priority customers and prospects as a critical step in achieving revenue and relationship objectives and the organisation’s strategic business goals and objectives

Programme Delivery

The Sales Territory Management Training Programme is available as a one-day instructor-led training programme, it is also available via synchronous virtual delivery.

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