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Sales Networking Training Programme

Increase Opportunities and Grow Business with Sales Networking Training

A key driver of success for any sales organisation is to consistently drive new opportunities in the pipeline.  And while efforts to generate needs with potential customers are important, it is also critical to build relationships with a strong business network that keep your organisation and salesperson top-of-mind when your potential customers are entering into their buying cycle as early as possible.

Sales Networking Training Programme

Richardson sales training’s Sales Networking Training programme teaches salespeople to establish a discipline around business networking that ensures that they are prepared to maximise time spent with potential contacts, are constantly thinking about building their network and adding value to contacts, and are able to maintain a long-term networking effort.  They will also practice opening up dialogues with new contacts in a way that is focused on that person and succinctly tells the compelling points of their role and your organisation to build credibility.

Business Outcomes of the Sales Networking Training Programme

  • Drive sales-generated prospecting efforts
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Increase opportunities in the pipeline
  • Strengthen industry networks and referral opportunities

Learning Objectives of the Sales Networking Training Program

  • Envision networking as an efficient, effective strategy to generate business opportunities
  • Use strategies that maintain contact, add value, and strengthen relationships during long sales cycles to be top-of-mind when opportunities arise
  • Learn the critical success factors to increase your sales network
  • Practice delivering succinct, compelling elevator pitches

Programme Delivery

Sales networking training is available as a one-day instructor-led training program.  It is also available via synchronous virtual delivery.

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