High Performance Selling Training Programme

Win High-value Deals with High Performance Selling Training

In complex selling situations, every step taken in a pursuit matters.

Sellers are either gaining access to all stakeholders and bringing tailored value to each one, or they are missing opportunities to gain critical stakeholder information and build accord.  Salespeople are either engaging in high-value activities that drive the buying process forward, or they are waiting for the customer to direct the next move and drag out the sales cycle.  The pursuit capabilities of your organisation are most exposed in complex pursuits.

Top-performing sales organisations must train their pursuit teams to engage in the right activities, drive the sale, have an effective strategy to gain access and outsell the competition, and build trust, value, and accord along the way.

High Performance Selling Training Programme

Richardson’s new High Performance Selling™ (HPS) is the next evolution of sales performance training.  The programme focuses on improvement solutions that balance both the science and the art of selling to provide a measured blend of both.  It is based on best practices and current research about how customers buy, and it consists of three key components:

  • Sales Process — the ability to follow a structured, consistent path and set of activities throughout the selling cycle
  • Strategy — the culmination of decisions a salesperson makes to win an opportunity
  • Customer Dialogues — the skills needed to have productive customer interactions throughout each stage of the sales process

Each training component of High Performance Selling™ is important to both salespeople, who want strategies and skills to win deals, and sales managers, who want to ensure that their sales teams are following a customer-centric process to increase their probability of winning and to improve the reliability of their forecast.

Business Outcomes of the High Performance Selling Training Program

  • Improve forecast reliability
  • Increase pipeline speed
  • Increase win ratio
  • Create better alignment with your customers’ new buying patterns
  • Build higher sales force productivity
  • Improve efficiencies by reducing the overall cost of sales
  • Inspire the evolution of a consistent, customer-centric sales culture
  • Develop line of sight into the activities and sales skills needed to advance your opportunities through the sales process

Learning Objectives of the High Performance Selling Training Programme

  • To apply a client-focused approach to develop and expand customer relationships, effectively use internal resources, and increase your sales results
  • To apply a consistent and repeatable sales process — based on winning practices — and to increase selling efficiency and improve opportunity forecasting
  • To learn a method for evaluating the appropriate stage for each opportunity in the sales process
  • To identify the appropriate points in the sales process for strategic decision making to advance the sale
  • To define what different stakeholders value and to tailor how you communicate your value accordingly
  • To expand existing relationships by reaching new decision makers

Programme Delivery

High Performance Selling™ is available as a three-day, intensive instructor-led training programme.