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Develop Strong Relationships with Executive-Level Buyers

When salespeople gain a meeting with an executive-level buyer, it’s a precious opportunity. They must be prepared to create value for buyers during these valuable opportunities. This means doing more than rehashing product specs and prices that may resonate with procurement-level buyers, but that fail to hit the mark with executives.

Successful executive-level selling requires sellers to understanding their buyer and the competencies necessary for a successful conversation.

Executive-Level Selling Training Programme

Executive-Level Selling is a methodology designed to help sales professionals gain access to high-ranking decision-makers and develop lasting trust and credibility with them. For almost any significant sales opportunity, sellers must be able to gain access to decision-makers with high authority and influence in a buying organisation.

Executive-Level Selling provides methods and skills for planning the best ways to identify the right executive-level contacts to target, securing access to them, conducting useful and valuable strategic-level conversations with them and earning return access for future contact. Executive-Level Selling shows sellers how to develop stronger relationships with executive-level buyers.

Executive-Level Selling focuses on helping sellers to develop four essential skills for executive-level selling, each with their own set of useful methods and planning tools.

Executive-Level Selling Training Programme Learning Objectives

Designed to develop critical skills and methods for selling effectively to executive-level buyers, Executive-Level Selling enables sales professionals to:

    • Identify the optimal high-ranking decision-makers to contact within a buyer organisation
    • Gain access to executive-level contacts
    • Collect and process critical information needed for planning effective meetings with executives
    • Conduct valuable and insightful strategic-level dialogues with executives
    • Generate new opportunities from strategic-level conversations with executives
    • Maintain open lines of communications with executive-level buyers
    • Cultivate long-term, value-based relationships with executives

Executive-Level Selling Training Programme Business Benefits

Upon completing the training programme, your sales team will experience the following business benefits:

    • Higher win rate for sales opportunities
    • Greater influence in strategic initiatives
    • Higher relationship status with executive-level buyers

Programme Delivery

Executive-Level Selling is a highly interactive programme, designed for any sales professional who must gain access to and sell effectively to high-ranking buyers – that is, people with high levels of authority and influence in a buying organisation. It is modular and can be tailored to the unique requirements of each client.

The programme is available in the following modalities:

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